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We’re living in some of the most exciting and powerful times on Earth. Right now is a time of profound opportunity, inviting humanity to experience rapid spiritual growth and genuine transformation on both an individual and planetary level.  YOU are being invited to play a major role within this bigger picture of planetary ascension. If you are reading this, then most likely you want to make a real difference and are ready to take your process to a whole new level.

This work, this play is for the bold, for the courageous, and not for the weak of heart. You are the thought leaders that will forge new paradigms built from the depths of integrity, love, presence and impeccability.

Self-Mastery,  Multi-Dimensional Healing
Holistic Lifestyle Expertise, High Impact Coaching,
& Business Development


Hi, I’m Alokananda

I help conscious entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, artists, and leaders go deeper into their evolution so that they have the support, systems and tools to reach a heightened level of fulfillment, impact and spirituality.

“Alokananda has to be one of the most remarkably intuitive and profoundly effective 
healers / coaches on the planet. He is a master at helping one give authority to one’s higher self.”

 – Jay Levin, LA Weekly Founder and Former Editor-in-Chief

1 on 1 Personal Programs


SOUL-FIRE® Coaching System

Personal Programs for Self Mastery


Violet Alchemy Healing®

The Most Powerful Distance 
Soul Healing Modality on the Planet


Jonah Hass

Co-Founder of Lucidity Festivals

"I am feeling mighty waves of gratitude for Alokananda today. The multidimensional healing work we did this afternoon was powerful and profound. Acting as a channel for all of my gu..." Read More


Brooke Alexandra

Lifestyle Consultant and Creator

"I have worked with many, many healers and I have never experienced anything like Alokananda’s gifts or Violet Alchemy. I am typically used to clearing one or two issues in a sess..." Read More


Daniel Levin

C.E.O of HealerSource, Boston

"I had a Violet Alchemy session with Alokananda. We covered several past lives, former relationships, soul contracts, and my connection with my parents. I′ve done a tremendous amo..." Read More

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