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I help inspired creators achieve new levels of mastery so that they can have a high impact in the world and become the leaders they were destined to be.

I support those who are ready to claim a new level of fulfillment, abundance and fully enhance their life’s work. Those who are ready to address the deeper pieces of themselves that need resolution in order to do their life’s work effectively.

Who I am & What I’m All About

about2I’ve been deeply connected to and in love with the mystical for as long as I can remember and over the years have become deeply passionate about integrated spirituality. Spirituality that translates in the effectiveness of our everyday life, our work and our relationships, but also keeps us profoundly connected to source and the great mystery of our unfolding journey. Spirituality that opens the heart and grounds us in the world & in service.

I love helping people ignite their souls fire, and bring the depths of their passions, purpose and inspiration into action. I am deeply moved to witness those I help experience themselves in visceral new ways and to participate in an evolutionary process that continues to generate inspiration for the greater work that they are here to do on the planet.

I love to dive deep with people.

My whole life I’ve always sought deep, meaningful and authentic connection. I love to have the deeper conversations about life, about what really matters to people, their journey, their challenges, passions, hurts, goals and triumphs. I love exploring how we can enhance and refine our relationship with ourselves, each other, our earth and life itself. How we can unlock and develop the force of love and the source of inspiration within our being.

I am deeply committed to the journey of Ascension.

The process of initiation where our vibration is continually raising, where we are consciously choosing the path of greatest service and alignment. The process of remembering who we are as a cosmic identity beyond all our conditioning. The journey of embodying fully here on the earth as an empowered soul in order to fulfill our greater purpose and highest potential. To do the great inner work of dismantling our distortions, judgements and limiting beliefs about ourselves, others and life itself. The journey of developing true mastery over our behavior and our lives.

I am a channel.

Its been a long journey learning to honor and trust my intuition and gifts as a channel and frequency worker. In 2010 I began the process of channeling and have mentored directly with some of the most renowned channels and sound healers in the wrorld. The process of channeling for me opened an entire universe, with a pantheon of support that continues to inform my consciousness, my heart and how much wisdom is truly available to us from these unseen realms. Channeling has become one of my most revered & requested gifts that I share and I feel like I am only touching the surface of how much more I can get out of the way to allow the greater forces of love to speak, sing and transmit through me. Channeling is completely integrated into my life and all that I do as a way to continually check in to see what is in the highest alignment of service possible.

I am passionately creative.

Ever since I was a kid I was extremely creative. I am a singer and song writer, a poet, musician and artist. I love writing music and sharing it with the world. This is part of the greater dharma of my life and my soul’s passion.
I love taking photos. I love designing posters, sketching and painting. Creativity has always been a part of my life and in recent years my commitment to empowered & passionate expression has only increased. I love co-creating and supporting others who hold creative, passionate visions that are meant to uplift humanity.

I am an empath.

As a highly empathic, sensitive, and intuitive soul it’s taken over a decade of total commitment to my personal healing, development and spirituality to be able to ground the mystical into life itself; to find a balance between the unseen worlds while remaining effective in everyday life and business. The challenges of growing up in a culture that does not support feelings, psychic abilities, empathy etc. especially in men are massive and it’s taken a lot of courage, guidance, support and innovation to forge my own authentic path with this work. I am grateful to have learned everything I’ve learned so I can help others get more deeply connected with their feelings and help those with similar challenges develop themselves so they can not only cope with high sensitivity, but rather thrive & come into their destiny as leaders, healers and wayshowers.

My Story

I was two weeks into my freshman year of college when 9/11 happened. On that day I lost my brother in law Dave, a brooklyn firefighter, husband to my sister and father to my nephew. I knew him since I was a one year old and we were very close. The event had a huge impact on my soul journey propelling me into totally unknown emotional  territory, and a massive initiation and paradigm shift begin to occur deep within me. The remainder of my college experience opened many doors in my world view as I sought to get to the truth of what happened and why. I also unconsciously coped with all the grief through substance abuse and an excessive lifestyle. 

Growing up, I was never taught to understand what it meant to be an empath or HSP (highly sensitive person). Like most raised in our modern consumer culture, I found many ways to cope with the intensity of my feelings and the pressures of what it means to show up in the world. Never fully understanding my innate gifts as a channel, intuitive healer, empath and creative soul I faced immense challenges in the system as it presently was. The only healthy things that seemed to work for me then was nature, sports, art and exercise, which gave me a break from the extremes of my challenges.

My whole young adult life I was passionately physically active and also very wild. I was a martial artist, a runner, a basketball player; I loved to move my body and I also loved to party. I had trained in a powerful martial art from ancient India that worked with high levels of spiritual energy and deadly techniques for about 10 years. During my last year of college I woke up one day semi-crippled. All the built up grief from losing my brother in law, my substance abuse and the reality of my sensitivities coupled with the repetitive stress movements of my martial art; all caught up to me. I wasn’t paralyzed; I just couldn’t move at all without tremendous pain. I went to physical therapists, doctors, & accupuncturists, I tried everything and nothing worked. I entered into a deep depression because movement was always my meditation, my place of solace, self connection, personal power and development.

One day during this time, while drinking tea early in the morning from a caste iron tea pot in my apartment; I found the stillness sitting for the first time in my life and spontaneously entered into a very deep state of meditation. I’ll never forget how time stopped, as I woke up a memory of being an ancient taoist hermit. From this moment forward something was reignited inside of me and I found a burning desire in my heart to understand more, to know myself and figure out what was happening to me. As the source of soul-inspiration was ignited in me, I gave up using substances, watching TV, eating meat and essentially disaffiliated from my fraternity all in the same week. I dont’ live in extremes anymore, this was just a pivotal moment where I needed to make a drastic change in my lifestyle and it just sort of happened from that soul-fire inside of me.

My healing crisis lead me to breakthrough after spiritual breakthrough and I soon found myself underway on my hero’s journey seeking answers and resolution at an existential level. I’ve been on an incredible, mystical, challenging and transformational journey ever since. After college I left a 4 year relationship and found myself in India continuing to explore this passion in my soul. The years that followed I lived at ashrams, sat in ceremonies all around the world with shamanic elders, entered into a mentorship in bio-energetics therapy for 9 years and studied with the best of the best in many lineages.

My journey led me to meeting some of the most incredible healers, medicine men, elders, mentors and coaches of our time. Over the last 10 years I’ve been completely devoted to my healing journey, spiritual development and eventually business development. Everything that happened in my journey I’ve learned & experienced directly and I am here today a healthier, happier, human being – deeply connected to my soul and rooted in both the spiritual and physical world.

My calling is to offer my clients truly integrated systems that can bring about deep transformation without all the pitfalls; bringing the heart of spirituality with the calling of our times, so they can make a difference in the world in a way that truly matters.



• 9.5 Years Experience, mentorship in Bio-Core Energetics Therapy – Self Mastery – Shadow & inner child work
• Certified Violet Alchemy Healing® Practicioner
• Reverend in the order of Melchizedek
• Profit Ascension – High Impact Coaching Training
• 10 years Apprenticing with various Elders, Wisdom keepers, Master Teachers & Healers 
• 10 years experience in Holistic Living : Self-Care, World-Fusion-Seasonal-Vegetarian chef, nutrition, & over-all wellness.
• 10 Years experience in ceremonial pathways, sacred space & guardianship
• Certified in over 3 Styles of Yoga and 13 forms of Qi Gong
• Credited Ayurvedic Health Practicioner – Institute of Vedic Studies
• Compassionate communication systems and ways of council / conflict resolution  
• Reiki Master Teacher 
• Lineage holder of Vadha – Martial Arts system of ancient northern India
• Programming, production, team management, creative direction, marketing and consulting on multiple brands, companies, festivals & events 2009 on
• Co-Founder of Unitribe Productions NYC 2009 – 2014
• Co-Founder of Tribal Alliance International
• Co-Founder of Planetary Solutions 2015 – present

” I  am Here for YOU to Become the Best Version of Yourself; Totally Authentic, Empowered, Loving, Free, on Purpose and Highly Impactful. “



Alokananda is a pioneer of the ascension age offering his unique gifts and passions which embody a focus on heart centered living, grounding the mystical and supporting the process of self-mastery and planetary service. Known as a healer of healers, he serves as a guide for conscious creators, leaders and high achievers that are here to make a lasting positive impact on the planet. He teaches and speaks on the subjects of Ascension, community building, holistic living, self-mastery, sacred relating, and integrative spirituality. 

With a foundation in Bio-energetics therapy, he has spent the last decade completely immersed in study, facilitation and apprenticing under Wisdom Keepers, Elders and Master Healers and Teachers in multiple lineages. Alokananda is also a committed and evolving singer-songwriter and poet under his solo music project, collaborations and with his band Suns of the Earth. He is the co-founder of Planetary Solutions, and continues to support and assist the building of vibrant and empowered community as a visionary, connector and catalyst for multiple projects. Alokananda often travels to teach, speak, share music or facilitate trainings and sacred space for groups and individuals. He is based in Ojai & Maui.