Ancient Alchemy and the Modern Alchemists


Many people have heard the word Alchemy and there are many interpretations of it, some shrouded in legend, some scientific & some mystical. As always, much of my passion is in translating esoteric concepts into their practical application within our hero’s journey. I’m going to share my perspective on what Alchemy is for me and how it relates to our process of soul evolution on the planet at this time. *For those new to the term or idea of Soul-Evolution, please read my article published my blog Soul Evolution and the New Renaissance, which was originally published in the book Re-inhabiting the Village Co-Creating our Future.

History and explanation of Alchemy

When we hear of the ancient alchemists we often think of the phrase and myth of turning “lead into gold” and the legends of the philosophers stone. According to Wikipedia Alchemy was practiced throughout Eurasia and was considered a proto-scientific approach to purifying, refining and perfecting certain minerals, objects, compounds or elixirs. The word Panacea (A cure all) arose from this time as many alchemists were experimenting to try to find cures for many diseases; the greatest disease in their eyes was death, hence the search for immortality. In many ways some historians equate ancient alchemy to the birth of the early medical sciences, but much of what scholars say is the inclusion of some form of spirituality or mysticism was involved in the process. This implies that medicine, science and spirituality were once integrated before they split post renaissance. The great alchemists of previous eras all sought this immortality from different approaches, some through logic, some through, mysticism, some through both and this illuminates an age old mythos of whether immortality is attainable and the reasons behind its pursuit. While many sought to uncover the secrets of immortality motivated by material gain, to establish position, power, control others sought the secret of immortality for the fulfillment of their soul and the covenants of their ancient orders.

Some say that the blend of science & mysticism utilized in ancient alchemy bridged spirit and matter and was designed to unlock something within the individual as they went through their apprenticeships, initiations and conducted their experiments. In other words as you did the experiments (with something physical – matter) something deeper was happening within on the level of soul (non-physical – spirit). This infers that the authentic process of Alchemy correlates to how certain compounds (physical) relate to, affect and inform other elements (non-physical) and the results of their interplay. What is the cause and effect of certain compounds connecting to each other, especially approached with a conscious intention to purify, refine and transmute specific elements within? The result is Alchemy.

Whether alchemists literally turned lead (mortality) into gold (immortality), is hard to say, because the terminology got so associated with laboratories that the deeper mystical inquiries and systems were lost through time. In other words when we think of an alchemist we think of an old dude in some medieval lab mixing green liquids in glass beakers. For me the real alchemy was a mystical system, and stretches way beyond the typical 12th Century European imagery associated with the word. To me the true alchemy was the great process of initiation, that of raising one’s consciousness and vibration to the point where ailment, pain, dis-ease, emotional blockages, perceptual distortions etc. falls away and the individual self comes into a deeper alignment with one’s soul and source. In other words through discipline and focus, one transmutes, purifies, and refines their consciousness to very high level of mastery and refinement. Some of the practical results of this refinement are better health, more pleasure, sustained energy, deeper fulfillment, deeper love, connection and more.

History Cont’d and how Alchemy relates to Ascension

It is my hypothesis, that at the shifting of the ages, the ancient mystery schools (The ancient alchemy practices of egypt, asia etc.) began to disperse because their knowledge was a threat to the rising powers, religions and empires (Internal Alchemy, soul-liberation & love based practices are a threat to war & external power). All the high priests, teachers, & mystics began to spread out and kept their teachings in more hidden forms of Alchemy; many others were killed off and persecuted. India and a lot of asia were some exceptions, (Yoga & Qi Gong are ancient alchemical systems),where many of the original lineages were kept in place, but unfortunately in many places have become watered down, disconnected from their roots, or in places liker modern china the persecution of these great mystics and masters meant facing life in prison.

In the teachings of the ancient mystery schools there was a true focus on the immortality of the soul and the ascension process (the highest level of human potential or “self-realization”) and did not necessarily mean physical immortality (although there are schools focused on this). As a result lineages formed around teachings that either focused heavily on spirit or heavily on physical mastery and very few have survived that fully integrated both systems. It is in my opinion that the integrated systems are now being resurrected; for we truly need both the physical and spiritual, scientific and sacred to be synergized and in harmony within our rapidly changing times. This Ascension process, invites us on a great journey of inner alchemy and is readily available to all of us. The times we are living in are considered the most spiritually opportune; it is said that an hour of authentic practice has the value of up to 100 years compared to previous eras or yugas. For those who are actively participating in their ascension process, you my friend are an alchemist.

Alchemy today as it Relates to the Process of Soul Evolution

So how does Alchemy translate in our modern day? In my opinion the Alchemist is one who is consciously working with the elements of their experience (compounds) to utilize the information & circumstances the universe is providing in order to transmute, refine and purify these elements to directly effect & evolve their non-physical self (soul / spirit).  Being an Alchemist means you are actively using your awareness and consciousness to turn lead into gold. Our life is the laboratory my friends and all the compounds needed are our gifts, challenges, relationships and circumstances. We get the amazing opportunity to transform and transmute certain experiences through our free will and choice which then becomes fuel for our soul. In other words, when we graduate the lessons of victim consciousness, we utilize every single challenge, limiting belief etc. as a fuel for our ascension. We take the energy that was bringing us down and we turn into something that can inspire us, we turn it into art, we transmute it; this is alchemy. So what are you ready to purify within your mind and heart, what needs transmuting and how are you willing to transform what no longer serves your spirit into something that does?

The deeper more mystical and yet completely relative aspect of this great process of alchemy, ascension and transmutation on our planet right now  is in regards to our DNA. DNA is the bridge between spirit and matter, form and formlessness. It is the true meeting of spirituality and science. Recent studies acknowledges that subconscious emotional energy can directly affect our DNA. From my understanding, we house ancestral pain, (emotional trauma) in our DNA and the process of ascension is designed to unlock this pain and transmute it. As we transmute these long held patterns of pain, behavior, aversions and attachments from our lineages we actually unlock codes or keys within our DNA that are designed to unlock from the transmutation of this pain. The result is an evolutionary process of heightened DNA. We are literally undergoing a type of Organic mutation as we participate in this type of alchemy. Because we were raised in a modern culture with very little ritual around processing grief, pain, or emotions very few people are consciously addressing their ancestral wounding. We were born into a world of distraction, numbness and excessive doing. We were basically given everything we need in the external universe to avoid being fully present with this deeper hidden pain held within the very core of our bio-chemistry / physiology.

The job of the modern alchemist is that of accessing and unlocking the hidden ancestral pain and trauma (lead) in the DNA and transmuting it into gold (new strands of DNA). The result of this is literally forming a new species of human beings with heightened consciousness as foretold by the ancestors. This is where science and legend over-lap. It is not my role to offer pieces of research, other perspectives and offer a scholarly 150 page essay on how spirituality and science are connected through this process. It is not my role to support these claims or this perspective, with data, but simply share my understanding of it through my own experience and the wisdom of the ancients. If one is called to research more about this subject and put the pieces together I’m sure you would have a fine adventure. As always, this is not about just intellectualizing but feeling what is true for YOU and your own subjective reality.

May all find the courage to face the unresolved pain passed down from generation to generation so that we may forge a new civilization formed out of great compassion and the understanding that we are all human and sacred.

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