Arcturian Consulate ∞ Activation and Moving Energy


Beloved souls, we are excited to share with you today as there has been so much activity this month; it is incredible to witness each of your processes with such vigor and enthusiasm we say, It is a powerful time indeed, do not underestimate what each day offers your soul’s evolution. Each day, with its seemingly mundane activities offers you opportunities to transcend duality, embrace deeper love, uncover hidden feelings, and layers to your soul’s challenges through many incarnations at this time. As we have shared previously; it is a time of quickening, and this is happening at a faster rate. We don’t wish to alarm you with this quickening; it is simply a reality where your soul consciousness is wanting a deeper embodiment in your daily experiences. For those not consciously  choosing to align with their soul-light; their soul energies, there can be deep discord, emotional pain, physical injuries etc. surfacing. Do not take this as a harsh warning, or pressure to “get aligned with your soul”;  it is simply to get you to wake up to the reality of who you are and what you are here to do dear ones.

We are simply wishing to encourage you to align with this aspect of your being for it will make your experience a much more rewarding one, as all that is not the essence of love is coming up for transmutation and while this is happening it is important to give attention to that aspect that is truth beyond the projected ideals of truth; that aspect of self that is soul, that is the wellspring of love. The heart energy that can make active, conscious choices needs to be engaged consistently as to not drown in one’s “stuff”.  There is tremendous information constantly surrounding you not only from your 3d universe, but from your guides, your deeper intuitive faculties. Your deeper psychic capacities are wanting to go online and it very important to take the time to be still now. It is very important to meditate and recommit to a meditative process; not out of an impending urgency but of the immediate benefits that this will offer your nervous systems as new information comes online in your energy fields.

Many, many dormant connections are going online now. Many things are activating that wish to get your attention. This attention will be had one way or another, and the ego or personality may try to fight and resist the changes taking place in your lives, but we say that this will only cause more suffering. Learn to look at these experiences, these challenges as opportunities as initiations dear ones. For the initiations offered to you in your time of acceleration are no different than the ones the many ascended masters have passed through in a different context and cycle.  You are waking up from a great slumber in your planetary service and it is imperative that you take time to connect to your own source, the stillness within and the support of your higher teams and guides. A lot of higher frequency love and support is available to you to help you through any pain or struggle you may be facing. All of these contrasting experiences are simply that. They are offering you what you don’t want to get you in alignment with what you truly desire as soul. For many, deeply held karma and unconscious behaviors are surfacing and it is quite debilitating for many. For many it may feel as if they are going mad, or trudging through energetic mud. As if they have touched their truth so deeply recently and are now lost in the darkness.

We say that this is normal for many, and to trust what is taking place as the unresolved feelings and patterns  for your reconciliation at the soul level. It is taking place for your cognitive mind, your awareness to consciously choose a new choice. Those deeply held feelings from previous lifetimes distort the reality as it is now, and requires your diligence to intterupt and reveal the truth of what is being created NOW. It is time for you to interrupt the patterns of resistance, pain and struggle dear ones if you are going to build the 5d Earth that your hearts have deeply longed for . The Unity consciousness that you seek begins within, it is the birth of the harmony of your own self connection. The rainbow bridge of your soul essence to your humanity. That deep desire for authentic relating, for authentic love and connection to be given and received.

For the many who have gone into separation in many lifetimes, who have succumbed to fear, those choices are being asked to be reconciled at this time. For others you may feel a great deal of relief, of such deep knowing of what your path and purpose is that it is hard to believe how close or how fast everything is moving for you. Whether you are accessing painful emotions or you are expanding at faster rates , all of you dear ones actively engaged in this ascension process; we urge you the time to give yourselves to integrate the shifts taking place. The upgrades of energies this month were potent. Drink lots of water. Take naps. Call on your guides to assist you while you nap or you sleep at night. Eat clean pure food, sugar and caffeine and any stimulants directly inhibit the capacity to more easily access the stillness that would allow for more graceful integration and rest. Exercise, move the energy dear ones. The universe is asking you to STRETCH out of the old and into the new. It is asking you to move the energy in anyway that you are consciously choosing to engage your process. Actively move the energies and emotions surfacing and take the time needed to integrate.


We are excited for what you are choosing to creating in alignment with the fulfillment of your Soul. Do not get too discouraged dear ones, evolution is happening. Higher consciousness awaits you.



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