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Launch Your Legacy Ojai (APRIL 28,29,30)


Alokananda & The Academy of Self Mastery Presents : Launch Your Legacy Live OJAI CA. This is an exclusive, deep dive & immersive 3 day journey – Hosted at the Exquisite Meditation Mountain…

There is limited space in order to honor the container :
Activating the greater key codes of self mastery, planetary service, business development, community building, personal and professional transformation and the launching of Y(OUR Legacy.
Are you a conscious entrepreneur, visionary, coach, healer, artist, community builder, or leader?
Are your ready to make an active leap towards transitioning your process and the work you’re here to do on the planet to a whole new level?
Do you consider yourself a way shower, an innovator, a leader, a guide, or are you ready to claim this aspect of your greatness and take a powerful and active step into being a thought leader on the planet?
Launch Your Legacy is an accelerated 3 day container held in the sacred, grace-filled and beautiful hills of Ojai California. Bridging the mystical and the practical, the foundational and the phenomenal, the esoteric and the business savvy into an integrated space to help tomorrow’s thought leaders step into their greatest planetary service and set in motion their legacy, abundantly, powerfully, playfully, and professionally…
We are living in one of the most powerful and challenging moments in time for humanity and our planet. With so much at stake and with so much opportunity to shift the tides. Its no longer the time to play small, to idol or procrastinate giving your greatest gifts, building your business, anchoring your project or vision and experiencing YOUR LIFE as a living legacy. Its time to claim the fullness of your offering and build the lifestyle, the prosperity and the impact that you came here to experience. Its time to assist humanity in re-connecting to the heart and to offer real solutions, lasting transformation and outstanding service to shift our present paradigm into a more benevolent, harmonious and aligned experience of life.
mm_home_02_910x400In this 3 day Immersive Journey we will explore :
• Real time strategies & road maps toward experiencing your ultimate lifestyle, earn at a high level, while building your business, projects and legacy
• Participation in a new paradigm of authentic leadership and holistic business
• Bridging the gap between Entrepreneurialism & Native American Value
• The art of soulful branding and messaging
• An interactive platform with questions and answers in real time
• Journey with an incredible community of like minded, highly activated souls & global game changers
• Better understand the unique ascension process that we’re in and how it relates to both accelerated spiritual growth and
financial prosperity
• A powerfully revealing, safe, inspiring and activating container
• How to show up more impeccably to serve others and evolve rapidly in every area of your life
• Evolutionary perspectives on how to bring a vision into manifestation & the manifestation process
• Learn powerful & undiscovered foundations of self mastery that transcend ideology
• Discover Next level platforms, templates and systems that change “business as usual” & industry standards that are dry, lacking human connection and are less effective
• Tools, perspectives and practices that allow one to show up fully in their relationships, rock their business, transcend limitations, function at a high level, manage time better, bio-hack your health and honor your creative process / long term visions
• Learn embodied leadership skills: tools for staying grounded, connected and embodied in authentic self-love & purpose
• Celebration and group fun, socializing and networking
• Hot Seat Coaching
• Special guest speaker Will Kleidon C.E.O of Ojai Energetics & Visionary Entrepreneur in one of the worlds fastest growing CBD Oil companies on the planet.
• Special guest speaker TBA
*Travel, Lodging and food are not included
*Registration Closes APRIL 15th
“It’s time to build an earth honoring culture that we truly steward together & change how we do business on our planet. This is a bottom line for all walks and industries. Launch your legacy is not a typical coaching event, this is about a whole new model, one that addresses your business as an extension of your awakening consciousness, planetary service & platform for greater freedom, fulfillment and purpose. This is ultimately about ending the process of postponement, and stepping more fully into your mastery to assist in the collective evolutionary process taking place on our planet “
– Alokananda

The esoteric significance of Winter Solstice and the lost knowledge


Every year we are given the opportunity to take charge of our lives, make new choices, transition out of old habits, and put into motion our intentions for the year ahead. Winter Solstice, Christmass & New Year’s Eve all happen within a short period of each other in probably one of the most powerful transition points seasonally & energetically, as we close out our year and begin a new one. The winter solstice, celebrated and revered in ancient cultures is a sacred day and also a powerful transition point between seasons that astronomically marks the shortest day and longest night of the year.

The winter solstice holds deep symbolism within it, with parallels that are seen across many of the worlds ancient cultures & civilizations. When I think of winter solstice, I am flooded with images, I am reminded of the mysteries of Stone Henge, I imagine Druid ancestors gathering in the forest to sing songs around the fire , I imagine indigenous tribes doing their ceremonies, I imagine Incan or Mayan medicine people doing corn dances, I think of Egyptian priest & priestesses anointing initiates, aligning them with their intentions for the year to come.

All of these ancient cultures had similarities in that they operated in the understanding that our fundamental experience of reality was one that is spiritual in nature. The foundational wisdom & spirituality of these cultures were harnessed through esoteric practices, ceremonies and teachings focused on bringing one closer to a fully awakened state, towards enlightenment or ascension. These pathways, teachings and practices may vary but the overlaps are profound to witness and the fact that a fully awakened state was the goal and focus of these ancient cultures reveals some of the contrasts and distortions of our modern cultural narrative. Imagine a whole culture and value system dedicated to spiritual advancement, imagine how that dictates the choices of everyone participating in that society and how the system is set up for people.

I have always had an intrinsic fascination in where these esoteric teachings shared parallels culturally. With each discovery of a new parallel it proved itself to be more valid in my rational mind; I was so passionately intrigued that cultures thousands upon thousands of miles apart in different areas of the world had a different name for the same thing!

The winter solstice is one of such overlaps, one of those markers that was so deeply honored, celebrated and revered across the board from ancient civilizations to smaller shamanic & indigenous cultures that there must be something there to explore. New Year’s eve and christmass being within days of this significant event is not a coincidence. One of the most fascinating synchronicities is the parallel of “the birth of the sun” and the birth of Yeshua aka Jesus; which might even draw up further questions around the placement of christmass at this time of year; as no one really knows the actual day that Yeshua was born. Most of our consumer holidays or organized religious holidays were intentionally placed on the calendar to replace a previously existing, deeper pegan or shamanic ritual point of the year.

Most of us grew up not knowing this and innocently participated in the more modern rituals surrounding the holidays, knowing not of the deep esoteric foundation behind most of them. I share all of this not to make our modern holidays wrong, rather to reinvigorate the power that is available to us to at this time that we can learn about from these wisdom cultures. With so much of this vast ancient wisdom washed away in our modern society, surrounded by intense consumerism during holidays, the shamanic origins of christmass hidden within its many symbols of the holiday (a whole other discussion), we see streets lit, bombarded with pressures to buy things and there is a buzzing energy, as bells ring and Cocoa Cola created Santa Clauses yell Ho’ho’ho… Even now, despite all that, there is still so much beauty and as sense of magic around this time of year. That magic is available to us if we so choose. Collective consciousness is powerful and we are affected by whatever “grid” or “collective agreements” we adhere to; whatever culture we participate in we draw sets of values from. And though there is beauty to gathering with family, sharing love through gifts, food and celebration, I personally enjoy & have found great meaning & purpose in the deeper esoteric mysteries that these seasonal transition points offer us. Whatever your path is; there is ancient, scientific magic to draw from, that across the board invite us deeper into our spiritual path at this time of year; that invite us to start a new.

I’ve always enjoyed and utilized the power of “resolutions” and have empowered myself through ritual around these transition times as a way to stay on track with my long term visions, goals and soul desires. Equinoxes and Solstices carry a unique code of primordial energy, somewhere deep in our DNA there is remembrance that our ancestors worked with these cycles of time way before the creation of corporatized, religious or colonized holidays. Before our modern era began to slowly disconnect humanity from its shamanic origins, tribal roots and the natural cycles of the seasons in which the wisdom of these ancient cultures were in synch with; we as earth people found sources of power and ritual at these key junctures in time.

The spiritual & energetic significance of the winter solstice is multi-layered, but the most direct relevance is that it symbolizes the birth of the sun. The story of the birth of a divine child is not isolated to christianity alone, on the contrary it has been shared by belief systems of Egypt (birth of Horus) Persia (Mirthras) and the Druids (Son of Alban Artham). The commonalities behind all of these high beings is that they grew up to represent, embody and disseminate very high teachings to the world. Each one of these avataric beings were directly associated with the SUN. The sun representing the absolute love of the creator, the source of higher knowledge , that which provides life, of Illumination and the cessation of suffering. All of these higher beings taught humanity that we are MADE of the same stuff as them, we are just sleeping.

The birth of these higher beings at this time of the solstice was symbolic of the birth of the spiritual sun within, that we are NOT separate from the creator, as we have been conditioned to believe to feel that we are less than divine beings. Thee higher teachings are imbued in the gnostic teachings of Jesus in sayings like :  “You can perform greater miracles than even I”, “I and the father are one”…. Pointing to the “christ” energy that lives in all beings. The LIGHT of the SUN, lives within us, but we have been taught to look outside of us. These stories point towards a foundational knowledge that the winter solstice brings the energy of “being born a new”; just like a child is the most vulnerable at birth so is the sun at it’s “weakest” during the winter solstice, laying a foundation for the year to come building strength toward the summer solstice.

We have the opportunity at this time of year to tend to the deepest aspects of our inner nature, to turn inward, away form the myriad of distractions, of over stimulation, of yearning, of longing, of loss and create ritual space to nurture the birthing of our own spiritual sun within. To realign our choices to the greatest of intentions for what the year brings and make progress in our journey of awakening.  These ancient technologies are an incredible resource for personal gnosis (direct knowing or revelation) and of reclaiming our inherent divinity, out of the conditioning we have received from a modern consumer culture that thrives on the exploitation of nature, the very thing we come from.

May we utilize this time of year for the greatest benefit of all beings, starting with tending to our own inner light, our inherent divinity and the divine child that lives within each of us.

May we be deeply nourished but what is available to us at this time.
Happy Holidays

You’re invited to a very Special Global Solstice Ceremony

Join Alokananda for a FREE, Live Stream Solstice Ceremony, Meditation and New Years Activation Streamed on the Meditation Masters FB page :

In this ceremony we will be closing out 2016 in a clear way, finding resolution with the challenges the year brought us and enter into a powerful activation for co-creating and manifesting in 2017. Through invocation, ritual and other sacred tools we will co-create sacred space to clear out residues and powerfully align with one of the most powerful years ahead of us.

The focus of this blessing is to come to deeper peace & completion with the past.
The focus of this activation is greater self-empowerment, service, self love and co-creation with the year ahead.


Launch Your Legacy Sedona Glimpse

Launch Your Legacy Live Sedona 2016 was very special this year. We were surround by beauty, visited sacred vortexes, went deep into the process of building out one’s platform, how to serve out our highest level, and what it takes to create high-impact projects & benevolent businesses.  During this exclusive 3 day immersion we came together to dive into our legacy path. Bridging the Earth Narratives and Entrepreneurial world, our community went deep, sharing boldly and blossoming into the next phase of their planetary service. Launch Your Legacy Live is the Graduation event for Beyond Prosperity, my 7 week online intensive training; but is opened up for a select number of participants. We hope you’ll join the Lion Tribe in 2017 so stay posted!

LLYL-gold over image-LG 14542526_10154413564220482_7910784107172152358_oimg_1173

Having our catered organic lunch outside in the courtyard. img_1177Will Kleidon, C.E.O of Ojai Energetics one of our Guest Speakers at the 2016 LYLL. Will is a passionate & brilliant speaker, sharing his journey around starting a B-Corp, his journey as visionary entrepreneur, how CBD is revolutionizing the market and some of what it takes to grow your business. img_1181

NUMATIK, Dj’ing our Sat. Night Ecstatic Dance Party.


Channeled Message from Mother Isis 8/8


Lions Gate, Gender Alchemy and the 2nd Wave of Ascension
a Message From Great Mother ISIS0db672bd118ab9718e9be1de779da730

Channeled Message brought through by Alokananda 8/7/2016

As we complete the first phase of initiations of the year 2016 and complete the month of july – those of you actively participating in your ascension process will find a profound amount of closure, clarity and trajectory arriving through the 8-8 and lions gate portals — We wish to share with you that it is indeed so that the feminine energies are rising on your planet and that the rekindling of the ancient priestess hoods & sisterhoods are in full effect and resurrection. Many sisters are feeling the call to step out of their own way, deepen their power, leave behind their struggle & victim consciousness and step into a more powerful role on the planet. The sisterhood is indeed reforming. For many these collective themes of victimization, feeling trapped, limited or not good enough, shame and resentment will begin to loosen their grip finally as you enter through this lions gate portal and claim yourself as an aspect of the divine mother here on Earth on behalf of humanity and creation. For the brothers there is still much work to be done, and a much smaller percentage of the men are arriving at the new timeline; but there is a strength building. The brotherhood is gradually being reassembled but the traumas that lay dormant are very much coming to the surface for the men; especially as the women come into their greater power & sovereignty. This process of initiation is most pronounced within the gender alchemical dynamics whether you are in partnership or not dear ones. For this is one of the most fundamental healing processes that is happening in order for humanity to develop new levels of heightened connection and relating forged from soul and in support to the transmutation of woundologies of lineages and collective pain.

Much of the discord on the planet stems from souls not having a deeper understanding of their cosmic origin, of their celestial soul and the trapped trauma of unresolved pain in regards to the opposite sex held within the nervous system both from childhood and karmically speaking from birth lineage and beyond into the collective themes set forth at the end of the Matriarchy around 30,000 years ago. This is uncovering, revealing and coming undone we say; for those at the forefront of this alchemy process, this great inner work of re-writing how you relate to your own celestial soul and the opposite sex will blossom powerfully after this 8-8 portal and more of your greater I AM presence is connected with. For many of you are experiencing the transcendental nature of consciousness in deeper sovereignty finding greater peace and non attachment where the opposite sex is concerned. Dear ones we must emphasize the patience needed to resolve these long held patterns and blind spots within your human psyche where sexuality, connection, intimacy and gender roles are concerned. Do not underestimate the impact this has had on your planet, on your individual choices, your life and the co-creative nature of humanity’s predicament at this time. Deeper healing is indeed at hand. We invite you now to take some deep breaths into your heart and connect your heart to your genitals and from there your feet and then deep into the heart of Gaia mother earth herself. What many forget is that she is indeed fed by the releasing of old trauma, allow to draw the pain out of your emotional bodies dear ones and recycle this energy for the awakening process. GROUNDING dear ones is absolutely essential at this time; as the energies heighten, allow the higher frequencies to purify your heart space, your genitals and your connection to mother earth. For those with a predisposition and challenge with grounding will find this time more emotionally challenging then normal where others will experience breakthroughs in being able to anchor and ground even more of their soul consciousness into the body with greater ease. Regardless of what phase of ascension you’re in this time is indeed potent, cause for both the balance of action and self reflection.

Consider dear ones, how you would envision a planet where the pain between man and woman was resolved. What would this mean for humanity?
See this happening for yourselves and humanity. Hold a clear vision, all the way from source, through your I AM presence into your soul and into your emotional bodies and FEEL the resolution of the end of pain between man and woman. The end of this ancient war of the sexes, the battle between brothers over woman, the end of manipulation of the feminine over man, the end of competition between woman for man. See it all unraveling into soul embodied beings seeing the divine expression of form in each other, connected to source and enhancing each others awakening process through divine love and spiritual commitment. Understand that this is a foundational piece of healing that is being shifted within the greater light community now to grid a NEW experience of soul embodied love. And if there is great pain and confusion arising for you at this time in this arena dear ones, know that there is a purification happening and that this is part of that process.
May you have the courage to feel beloved souls! For in FEELING you free yourself of the pain of the past. RELEASE IT OUT. Give it back to the mother earth so you MAY RISE as the divine soul that you came here to be in support to something much greater than yourself!
The courage to surrender to something far greater than intellect and soften into the great mystery as it holds you in potentiality.
I AM returning to the Earth my brothers and Sisters, the 2nd wave of ascension has begun and the liberation of long held distortions will begin and continue to release. I am the cosmic mother of primordial space and ecstatic union.


June 16th, Ascension update from Archangel Zadkiel


Channelled by Alokananda on June 16th

Beloved ones we come to you today with a loving reminder that all is unfolding according to the divine plan, and although it is very easy and enticing to put so much emphasis on the external world, the world of your politics the world of your economics, the world of your environment, indeed these are arenas that are    catalyzing great shifts in your collective consciousness; but we say the biggest shifts that are going to take place are within you. This is not a new concept to many of you, to most of you there is enough of an understanding that the internal process of transformation indeed shapes the outer world but we need to remind you of this and the potency of this at this time as you have reached a new octave in the quickening of time and those that have held power of your species are losing control and are doing everything in their power to ensnare as many souls as possible, in the morass, in the drama, in the pain of human suffering. These beings do not think ahead; they do not recognize that they to will indeed need to make internal adjustments eventually as well, that their agenda is limited and is being confronted by the raising of love on your planet. This love force is everything beloveds, you must consciously use it to overcome darkness within and with out. Dear ones, do not underestimate what your internal transformation of consciousness can do for your planet.
Do not underestimate your capacity to reclaim your power, your souls desires for your life and the life of your planet. We know you are concerned. We know you are concerned about the environment and about the corruption your are seeing in your political systems and the larger industries and we say take action dear ones. Take action from the greatest part of your being in the most clearly guided way, for it is certainly time to take action. For many of you who have felt this and have delayed certain projects or internal choices in your life, habits and other path ways that no longer serve you, you have been building up your strength to move to the next experience of your reality. Faith is needed dear ones, more than ever your faith is needed and as you match your faith with action you will become impeccable agents of change on behalf of humanity and the earth. The political world is one mirror to the changes that wish to happen. Do not over indulge it, but recognize that it is indeed stirring something, people are become aware and people are ready to change. Change is scary for many, change represents death for many archetypes of egoic consciousness, even if change is for the best, it can feel threatening. See the parallels in your life, where are you resisting change in your own life, even if it is an improvement? Can you not see how this is connected to the resistance that those that wish to prevent your liberation, from trying to prevent a benevolent experience of this earth plane… can you see how their resistance to change, their desire to control is related to your own resistance? You must over come your own egoic tendencies dear ones, your egos are benevolent pieces of the divine puzzle, they are not bad or wrong, they have simply become out dated. See where these aspects of your consciousness are still functioning and begin to uproot it, get to the cause and core of the unresolved aspects of your being that still have fear or control guiding choices in your life. Uprooting these mechanisms will allow a greater ease for you to transition into the life you truly want. Do not indulge the fear, do not feed the game that they have set for you in the political world. Your new leaders, the movement that has been sparked we say is indeed something to be conscious of, it is not all about the political landscape or one leader it is about each of you and what you are experiencing together. It is about what you are ready to experience! What are you ready to experience dear ones? Truly you must identify this at the deepest level if you are going to actively work towards this individually and collectively. IT is time to make the next steps in your evolution and the internal landscape awaits you, the great internal work awaits you, your emotions await you, your responsibilities await you. Go froth in great love and the guidance of your greatest self. We are with you. We are Zadkiel. We love you

ART by Walter Bruneel


Right Relationship: The Road Map to Harmony


It would serve the reader to explore my article Soul Evolution and the new renaissance to gain a better understanding of my definitions and concepts of soul as they apply to this article.

The term Right Relations or Right Relationship was introduced to me a long time ago by one of my elders in the Lakota tradition, Vernon Foster (Thunder He Walks With). The term was an english translation of traditional language & indigenous culture. From the indigenous perspective, right relationship meant how we treated the mother earth and how we treated her was an extension or expression of our character, level of integrity and revealed more about our spiritual essence. This was also translated into how we treated others as well. In essence right relationship meant choosing on behalf of harmony, on behalf of the greater good and in honoring of the mother earth.

If I never heard this term in a ceremonial context I wondered how it might be experienced by others that have never heard this expression before. What would they think about? Would this term trigger a montage of past lovers or the friendships in their lives? Would people think of past situations that didn’t “work out”? What does “right” even mean, and what does that invoke in people? We all have ideas and beliefs about “what’s right” and we can even tend to create polarities at times with the people we love the most based on “what’s right”. Ideologies and spiritual-ego can be a very dangerous mix when it comes to the subject of right-relationship but that is a whole can of worms for another day. We’ve been taught what’s right and wrong since the moment we could crawl. As I tend to be a bridge between different cultures and have a passion for sacred relating, this piece is about applying some of the essence of this principle as I understand it. It is about understanding how right relationship can shift our lives towards harmonious relating.

When I use the phrase “right-relationship”; I’m not referring to “right” as a mental construct, a pre-prescribed moral understanding or dogma. For me right relationship brings us into heart-based consciousness and out of the myriad of projections, expectations, illusions and perceived threats of ego-mind based consciousness. When I use the term right relationship, I’m referring to the soul’s unique capacity to respond to life from a place of love, trust, wisdom, reverence and empowerment. In this sense right means honoring. So the phrase here as it relates to the meaning originally introduced and the way that I like to explain it is this : right relationship simply means honoring ourselves and others, in doing so it means honoring all of creation and vice versa.

When we come into right relationship with ourselves, we can meet all of life in right relationship. This relationship is an ever expanding, organic, living discovery with no end. When we are centered in right relationship we are at the nexus point of where our experience is directly responding to life, centered in feeling and grounded in presence. From here, we can form deep, meaningful connections to all of life, be it a person, a plant, animal or cosmic energy.  This relationship with self and life is grounded in the understanding that we are not helpless and have the ability to consciously make choices that lead us in the direction of wholeness, fulfillment, healing, empowerment, love and understanding.

When we make choices from this place we follow the natural rhythms of harmony that are encoded like sacred geometry into the fabric of our universe. For example, if our mental mind is still enough, we can directly perceive what “fire” is without interpreting it. We feel it fully and truly experience it, the warmth, the colors etc, we are not in our heads limiting the experience of it through needing to define it, we feel safe enough to “lose ourselves” in the experience.  In the same way we can learn to directly relate to another person’s joy, sadness, or truth through direct empathy, compassion and heartfelt presence. We can also come across a tree or a plant and recognize the life force in it that is the same life-force running through us. Through right-relationship we start to see beyond just form and relate to life more in terms of energetics and the qualities of soul.

The qualities of the Soul are the pathways out of suffering, out of struggle, out of dis-ease, dysfunctional relationships and into peace, enhancement, harmony, and lasting fulfillment.  These qualities are available to all persons no matter their situation in life, no matter the culture, the age, color or creed, for we are all endowed with Soul. Soul-based living is inherent in right-relationship. These qualities of Soul are not something far off in the future that we have to attain, they do not require the extremes of past cycles of history or dogma, they are qualities that exist here and now; yet like all things that create lasting change; practice, commitment, willingness, openness, vulnerability and support are needed to refine these qualities of the Soul into embodiment and into right relationship.

Right relationship is the foundational teaching of the ancestors, the angelic ones, the ascended ones and the future civilization that we are co-creating. No one owns them, they are to be shared as these principles are part of a living cosmology, mythology and law of universal harmony. I do however share my own unique relationship to these teachings and bring them forth as a guide, a friend, a brother and as one on my own journey of enhancing how I experience life and show up in the world.

Along this path of ascension we are bound to make mistakes, we are bound to affect and be affected by others that we love the most; those who we are in direct relationship with. In this sense I do not wish to make right relationship an ideology that can then be used against oneself or others, but rather a seed of inspiration and also an invitation to participate in a nourishing paradigm of deep honoring. In other words, Right relationship is something to be explored, experienced and to be discovered.

The truth is, the deeper we go into intimacy with ourselves, others and life itself the more chance we have of the greater love of the universe to assist in surfacing that which is not love. The more we come into right relationship with our own innermost being and inherent innocence, the more we can show up as love with others. If these internal spaces go untapped, unaccessed, it is very difficult to have the authentic reverence that comes from soul to then share outwardly, to then be able to honor life; to be in right relationship.

In conclusion, right relationship is the bi-product of one’s soul capacity and as it is developed also develops the Soul’s capacity to choose right relationship. Soul capacity is the culmination of love embodied, forged through trust, wisdom, reverence and authentic empowerment.

Our job is to cultivate right relationship with ourselves and nature and from there we can soften more and more into our relating with all. It is this inherent connection that can shift our present paradigm from destructive and exploitative to nourishing and supportive. When people honor themselves and others they will know how to honor the earth. If people learn to honor the earth and life they will learn to honor themselves and others. Right relationship illuminates the deepest mystery of inter-connectedness of all of life. What I do to others, I do to myself, what I do to the earth, I do to my neighbors and the next generations. Right relationship is the opportunity to discover a living roadmap in which we base our technologies, our primary choices and investments moving forward as a new planetary culture. For a revolution of love is at hand and right relationship will allow this to benefit all beings.

May we all walk in harmony.

May we all deeply honor each other and this beautiful earth we share called home.


Arcturian Consulate ∞ Activation and Moving Energy


Beloved souls, we are excited to share with you today as there has been so much activity this month; it is incredible to witness each of your processes with such vigor and enthusiasm we say, It is a powerful time indeed, do not underestimate what each day offers your soul’s evolution. Each day, with its seemingly mundane activities offers you opportunities to transcend duality, embrace deeper love, uncover hidden feelings, and layers to your soul’s challenges through many incarnations at this time. As we have shared previously; it is a time of quickening, and this is happening at a faster rate. We don’t wish to alarm you with this quickening; it is simply a reality where your soul consciousness is wanting a deeper embodiment in your daily experiences. For those not consciously  choosing to align with their soul-light; their soul energies, there can be deep discord, emotional pain, physical injuries etc. surfacing. Do not take this as a harsh warning, or pressure to “get aligned with your soul”;  it is simply to get you to wake up to the reality of who you are and what you are here to do dear ones.

We are simply wishing to encourage you to align with this aspect of your being for it will make your experience a much more rewarding one, as all that is not the essence of love is coming up for transmutation and while this is happening it is important to give attention to that aspect that is truth beyond the projected ideals of truth; that aspect of self that is soul, that is the wellspring of love. The heart energy that can make active, conscious choices needs to be engaged consistently as to not drown in one’s “stuff”.  There is tremendous information constantly surrounding you not only from your 3d universe, but from your guides, your deeper intuitive faculties. Your deeper psychic capacities are wanting to go online and it very important to take the time to be still now. It is very important to meditate and recommit to a meditative process; not out of an impending urgency but of the immediate benefits that this will offer your nervous systems as new information comes online in your energy fields.

Many, many dormant connections are going online now. Many things are activating that wish to get your attention. This attention will be had one way or another, and the ego or personality may try to fight and resist the changes taking place in your lives, but we say that this will only cause more suffering. Learn to look at these experiences, these challenges as opportunities as initiations dear ones. For the initiations offered to you in your time of acceleration are no different than the ones the many ascended masters have passed through in a different context and cycle.  You are waking up from a great slumber in your planetary service and it is imperative that you take time to connect to your own source, the stillness within and the support of your higher teams and guides. A lot of higher frequency love and support is available to you to help you through any pain or struggle you may be facing. All of these contrasting experiences are simply that. They are offering you what you don’t want to get you in alignment with what you truly desire as soul. For many, deeply held karma and unconscious behaviors are surfacing and it is quite debilitating for many. For many it may feel as if they are going mad, or trudging through energetic mud. As if they have touched their truth so deeply recently and are now lost in the darkness.

We say that this is normal for many, and to trust what is taking place as the unresolved feelings and patterns  for your reconciliation at the soul level. It is taking place for your cognitive mind, your awareness to consciously choose a new choice. Those deeply held feelings from previous lifetimes distort the reality as it is now, and requires your diligence to intterupt and reveal the truth of what is being created NOW. It is time for you to interrupt the patterns of resistance, pain and struggle dear ones if you are going to build the 5d Earth that your hearts have deeply longed for . The Unity consciousness that you seek begins within, it is the birth of the harmony of your own self connection. The rainbow bridge of your soul essence to your humanity. That deep desire for authentic relating, for authentic love and connection to be given and received.

For the many who have gone into separation in many lifetimes, who have succumbed to fear, those choices are being asked to be reconciled at this time. For others you may feel a great deal of relief, of such deep knowing of what your path and purpose is that it is hard to believe how close or how fast everything is moving for you. Whether you are accessing painful emotions or you are expanding at faster rates , all of you dear ones actively engaged in this ascension process; we urge you the time to give yourselves to integrate the shifts taking place. The upgrades of energies this month were potent. Drink lots of water. Take naps. Call on your guides to assist you while you nap or you sleep at night. Eat clean pure food, sugar and caffeine and any stimulants directly inhibit the capacity to more easily access the stillness that would allow for more graceful integration and rest. Exercise, move the energy dear ones. The universe is asking you to STRETCH out of the old and into the new. It is asking you to move the energy in anyway that you are consciously choosing to engage your process. Actively move the energies and emotions surfacing and take the time needed to integrate.


We are excited for what you are choosing to creating in alignment with the fulfillment of your Soul. Do not get too discouraged dear ones, evolution is happening. Higher consciousness awaits you.




Eloheim ∞ The Present Now is All That Matters


Beloved ones we come to you now with great joy from our being to yours. We say that what is present now is all that matters. What the future holds is only an illusion, a projection, and yet you can trust the visions that give rise from your heart. You can learn to trust the essence of what you are calling forth into your experience; honoring the not knowing of how it will come and the ways that are beyond your imagination that will serve your highest good.

The addiction to projecting one’s thoughts into the future we say no longer serves the vast majority of you. To give your energy into a million scenarios pulls vital life force away from what you can tend to here & now. We want to be very clear that this is very different than taking concentrated times out of your day to visualize the life you would like experience and the world you would like to inhabit; from a connected and intentional space. In fact we would suggest practicing these types of meditations numerous times throughout the coming weeks as you get closer to the September 27th Unity Grid portal. What we are speaking to, Rather has to do with the monkey-mind aspect of your being, that part of you that insists on having control over the future from the seat of fear. This is very important to discern what we are saying here. The difference of the mental body projecting from fear; from the place of not having (deprivation), of losing, of missing out, of any scenario that is NOT love. VS – the heart visualizing the future from the seat of love.

We say this need to control outcomes is what causes great disharmony and disease in the majority of beings on the planet. This is a survival mechanism that is the symptom of an overactive ego-mind. This calculating aspect of your humanity has its place but when left unchecked uses a vital amount of energy that is absolutely necessary for your healing and light-body upgrades at this time. Focus on what you would prefer to experience and invite your higher self to inform you of the trust required for the universe to bring you exactly what you need to achieve heart-centered/ soul-inspired dreams. For we say many of you are so deeply committed to being of service to humanity and have varying ideas, projects and visions that are essential and supportive to the collective awakening process. We are not encouraging you to dismiss these visions of the future, rather to not waste energy day-dreaming but Willfully intending through your energy and emotions that reality you wish to experience. We say that it takes far less energy to actively interrupt worrying, projecting , fantasizing and calculating future scenarios based on fear; than it does to conjure up these scenarios… And yet a particular quality of intention and focus is required to begin to more acutely observe this tendency and interrupt it. We say that part of the reason these scenarios of hyper-mentalizing are increasing, the energies of overwhelm, stress, etc. where your waking life is concerned is because there is a stirring in the collective heart to make changes.

Many do not even know the changes that they need to make. They are not fully conscious of the shifts required to bring into fruition a new age of relating, of balance, harmony and peace on earth starting in their individual lives; and yet the impetus is there quite strongly now. There is a great deal of new information streaming in from the cosmic energies at this time, truly inviting humanity to make a conscious effort towards resolving their present ecological crisis. We say that this crisis will increase until it captures enough attention as to shift you from your abnormal-normality… in other words interrupt business as usual. In this way the effect that your present industries are having on your environment have their own place within the divine plan and in this way; the many of you who have been committed to unity, to organizing community, to healing yourselves and the planet, step forward as stewards of this new way. You will be there to meet humanity like a child who has touched a hot stove.

For we say there is enough time to resolve your present crisis but unity, collaboration and especially forgiveness is required in order for your planet to enter a new chapter. For each of you reading this, there is an invitation in here to explore these aspects within your own life for we inform the greater picture of your ascension process where it is tangible here and now. WE do not wish to overwhelm you or create more fear, stress and worry about the outcome of your planet, rather we wish to inspire you and interrupt any pattern that either focus too much on your own process or Too much on the state of the world; for truly a balance of both is required to bring about the most effective changes. In other words, putting into practice these intentions of forgiveness, collaboration and unity within your own life is enough; is in fact a step forward toward planetary healing. This is the only way an authentic shift will come about is multitudes of individuals living fully in commitment to their highest self. Keeping all of this in mind beloveds we also wish to say, let the pressure go. Trust in your capacity to respond to the changes you wish to make in your life without knowing or understanding every detail of how, when and where these changes are going to come about. Let the pressure go from yourself to doing it all alone and know that you are part of a planetary awakening and yet you have a beautiful unique process within this greater picture. Many of you, as you let go more and more of your sense of self-superiority and inferiority will come to realize the beautiful common threads that your collective planetary process reveals. In other words you have more in common with all of humanity than you can acknowledge in this moment; but as you embrace this you will find true revelations of compassion towards your own process and humanity. This compassion seeds the basis for collaboration for the highest outcome of your planet.

For example; If you knew you were on a sinking ship you would not waste as much time arguing over petty business and rather start scooping and dumping the water overboard; you would find a way to work together to keep the ship afloat. To expand on this concept where it would be most supportive to your individual lives, we say that as the old paradigm structures of separation, fear and control begin to be dismantled at a collective and individual level you can certainly expect there to be stormy periods of recalibration. This recalibration both has an energetic and physical component. WE would Urge you to truly tune into what the moment is asking you as we bring our transmission full circle. As you learn to interrupt the mechanical tendencies of the human mind and return to god-source within your heart-centered consciousness you will be informed both by your intuition, and a deeper connection to self the most beneficial choices that would serve you. As the collective paradigm is dismantled more and more disillusionment will fractal out in the world; things that held so much emphasis and importance will become more and more meaningless compared to the essential needs of true humanity, nature and the laws of love, karma and attraction. We would encourage of all you to become more and more clear on what it is you wish to experience, on what is truly important to you. If you had to leave your home tonight, what would you take with you?

If you had to leave your home forever and head to a new land of great promise what positive virtues would you be bringing to this new earth? There is no guilt or shame to be had for any faults in discovery from this previous paradigm. Go boldly into the new, into the future you would rather experience for your own life and the planet and it shall be so. Give energy to this from your heart and not your mental body and see how the energy informs your being. There is much to be celebrated as you claim your planet; know you have the strength, love and support to do so through your free will. We watch as loving witnesses informing you of your return to the garden of Eden, to the nature of unity and soul. You are important to all of creation. What is taking place echoes out through galaxies as the light returns to Gaia Earth. We Rejoice! We are the Elohim, guardians of the central sun, creator gods of love, light, mercy and power. We are with you!


Ancient Alchemy and the Modern Alchemists


Many people have heard the word Alchemy and there are many interpretations of it, some shrouded in legend, some scientific & some mystical. As always, much of my passion is in translating esoteric concepts into their practical application within our hero’s journey. I’m going to share my perspective on what Alchemy is for me and how it relates to our process of soul evolution on the planet at this time. *For those new to the term or idea of Soul-Evolution, please read my article published my blog Soul Evolution and the New Renaissance, which was originally published in the book Re-inhabiting the Village Co-Creating our Future.

History and explanation of Alchemy

When we hear of the ancient alchemists we often think of the phrase and myth of turning “lead into gold” and the legends of the philosophers stone. According to Wikipedia Alchemy was practiced throughout Eurasia and was considered a proto-scientific approach to purifying, refining and perfecting certain minerals, objects, compounds or elixirs. The word Panacea (A cure all) arose from this time as many alchemists were experimenting to try to find cures for many diseases; the greatest disease in their eyes was death, hence the search for immortality. In many ways some historians equate ancient alchemy to the birth of the early medical sciences, but much of what scholars say is the inclusion of some form of spirituality or mysticism was involved in the process. This implies that medicine, science and spirituality were once integrated before they split post renaissance. The great alchemists of previous eras all sought this immortality from different approaches, some through logic, some through, mysticism, some through both and this illuminates an age old mythos of whether immortality is attainable and the reasons behind its pursuit. While many sought to uncover the secrets of immortality motivated by material gain, to establish position, power, control others sought the secret of immortality for the fulfillment of their soul and the covenants of their ancient orders.

Some say that the blend of science & mysticism utilized in ancient alchemy bridged spirit and matter and was designed to unlock something within the individual as they went through their apprenticeships, initiations and conducted their experiments. In other words as you did the experiments (with something physical – matter) something deeper was happening within on the level of soul (non-physical – spirit). This infers that the authentic process of Alchemy correlates to how certain compounds (physical) relate to, affect and inform other elements (non-physical) and the results of their interplay. What is the cause and effect of certain compounds connecting to each other, especially approached with a conscious intention to purify, refine and transmute specific elements within? The result is Alchemy.

Whether alchemists literally turned lead (mortality) into gold (immortality), is hard to say, because the terminology got so associated with laboratories that the deeper mystical inquiries and systems were lost through time. In other words when we think of an alchemist we think of an old dude in some medieval lab mixing green liquids in glass beakers. For me the real alchemy was a mystical system, and stretches way beyond the typical 12th Century European imagery associated with the word. To me the true alchemy was the great process of initiation, that of raising one’s consciousness and vibration to the point where ailment, pain, dis-ease, emotional blockages, perceptual distortions etc. falls away and the individual self comes into a deeper alignment with one’s soul and source. In other words through discipline and focus, one transmutes, purifies, and refines their consciousness to very high level of mastery and refinement. Some of the practical results of this refinement are better health, more pleasure, sustained energy, deeper fulfillment, deeper love, connection and more.

History Cont’d and how Alchemy relates to Ascension

It is my hypothesis, that at the shifting of the ages, the ancient mystery schools (The ancient alchemy practices of egypt, asia etc.) began to disperse because their knowledge was a threat to the rising powers, religions and empires (Internal Alchemy, soul-liberation & love based practices are a threat to war & external power). All the high priests, teachers, & mystics began to spread out and kept their teachings in more hidden forms of Alchemy; many others were killed off and persecuted. India and a lot of asia were some exceptions, (Yoga & Qi Gong are ancient alchemical systems),where many of the original lineages were kept in place, but unfortunately in many places have become watered down, disconnected from their roots, or in places liker modern china the persecution of these great mystics and masters meant facing life in prison.

In the teachings of the ancient mystery schools there was a true focus on the immortality of the soul and the ascension process (the highest level of human potential or “self-realization”) and did not necessarily mean physical immortality (although there are schools focused on this). As a result lineages formed around teachings that either focused heavily on spirit or heavily on physical mastery and very few have survived that fully integrated both systems. It is in my opinion that the integrated systems are now being resurrected; for we truly need both the physical and spiritual, scientific and sacred to be synergized and in harmony within our rapidly changing times. This Ascension process, invites us on a great journey of inner alchemy and is readily available to all of us. The times we are living in are considered the most spiritually opportune; it is said that an hour of authentic practice has the value of up to 100 years compared to previous eras or yugas. For those who are actively participating in their ascension process, you my friend are an alchemist.

Alchemy today as it Relates to the Process of Soul Evolution

So how does Alchemy translate in our modern day? In my opinion the Alchemist is one who is consciously working with the elements of their experience (compounds) to utilize the information & circumstances the universe is providing in order to transmute, refine and purify these elements to directly effect & evolve their non-physical self (soul / spirit).  Being an Alchemist means you are actively using your awareness and consciousness to turn lead into gold. Our life is the laboratory my friends and all the compounds needed are our gifts, challenges, relationships and circumstances. We get the amazing opportunity to transform and transmute certain experiences through our free will and choice which then becomes fuel for our soul. In other words, when we graduate the lessons of victim consciousness, we utilize every single challenge, limiting belief etc. as a fuel for our ascension. We take the energy that was bringing us down and we turn into something that can inspire us, we turn it into art, we transmute it; this is alchemy. So what are you ready to purify within your mind and heart, what needs transmuting and how are you willing to transform what no longer serves your spirit into something that does?

The deeper more mystical and yet completely relative aspect of this great process of alchemy, ascension and transmutation on our planet right now  is in regards to our DNA. DNA is the bridge between spirit and matter, form and formlessness. It is the true meeting of spirituality and science. Recent studies acknowledges that subconscious emotional energy can directly affect our DNA. From my understanding, we house ancestral pain, (emotional trauma) in our DNA and the process of ascension is designed to unlock this pain and transmute it. As we transmute these long held patterns of pain, behavior, aversions and attachments from our lineages we actually unlock codes or keys within our DNA that are designed to unlock from the transmutation of this pain. The result is an evolutionary process of heightened DNA. We are literally undergoing a type of Organic mutation as we participate in this type of alchemy. Because we were raised in a modern culture with very little ritual around processing grief, pain, or emotions very few people are consciously addressing their ancestral wounding. We were born into a world of distraction, numbness and excessive doing. We were basically given everything we need in the external universe to avoid being fully present with this deeper hidden pain held within the very core of our bio-chemistry / physiology.

The job of the modern alchemist is that of accessing and unlocking the hidden ancestral pain and trauma (lead) in the DNA and transmuting it into gold (new strands of DNA). The result of this is literally forming a new species of human beings with heightened consciousness as foretold by the ancestors. This is where science and legend over-lap. It is not my role to offer pieces of research, other perspectives and offer a scholarly 150 page essay on how spirituality and science are connected through this process. It is not my role to support these claims or this perspective, with data, but simply share my understanding of it through my own experience and the wisdom of the ancients. If one is called to research more about this subject and put the pieces together I’m sure you would have a fine adventure. As always, this is not about just intellectualizing but feeling what is true for YOU and your own subjective reality.

May all find the courage to face the unresolved pain passed down from generation to generation so that we may forge a new civilization formed out of great compassion and the understanding that we are all human and sacred.