Channeled Message from Mother Isis 8/8


Lions Gate, Gender Alchemy and the 2nd Wave of Ascension
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Channeled Message brought through by Alokananda 8/7/2016

As we complete the first phase of initiations of the year 2016 and complete the month of july – those of you actively participating in your ascension process will find a profound amount of closure, clarity and trajectory arriving through the 8-8 and lions gate portals — We wish to share with you that it is indeed so that the feminine energies are rising on your planet and that the rekindling of the ancient priestess hoods & sisterhoods are in full effect and resurrection. Many sisters are feeling the call to step out of their own way, deepen their power, leave behind their struggle & victim consciousness and step into a more powerful role on the planet. The sisterhood is indeed reforming. For many these collective themes of victimization, feeling trapped, limited or not good enough, shame and resentment will begin to loosen their grip finally as you enter through this lions gate portal and claim yourself as an aspect of the divine mother here on Earth on behalf of humanity and creation. For the brothers there is still much work to be done, and a much smaller percentage of the men are arriving at the new timeline; but there is a strength building. The brotherhood is gradually being reassembled but the traumas that lay dormant are very much coming to the surface for the men; especially as the women come into their greater power & sovereignty. This process of initiation is most pronounced within the gender alchemical dynamics whether you are in partnership or not dear ones. For this is one of the most fundamental healing processes that is happening in order for humanity to develop new levels of heightened connection and relating forged from soul and in support to the transmutation of woundologies of lineages and collective pain.

Much of the discord on the planet stems from souls not having a deeper understanding of their cosmic origin, of their celestial soul and the trapped trauma of unresolved pain in regards to the opposite sex held within the nervous system both from childhood and karmically speaking from birth lineage and beyond into the collective themes set forth at the end of the Matriarchy around 30,000 years ago. This is uncovering, revealing and coming undone we say; for those at the forefront of this alchemy process, this great inner work of re-writing how you relate to your own celestial soul and the opposite sex will blossom powerfully after this 8-8 portal and more of your greater I AM presence is connected with. For many of you are experiencing the transcendental nature of consciousness in deeper sovereignty finding greater peace and non attachment where the opposite sex is concerned. Dear ones we must emphasize the patience needed to resolve these long held patterns and blind spots within your human psyche where sexuality, connection, intimacy and gender roles are concerned. Do not underestimate the impact this has had on your planet, on your individual choices, your life and the co-creative nature of humanity’s predicament at this time. Deeper healing is indeed at hand. We invite you now to take some deep breaths into your heart and connect your heart to your genitals and from there your feet and then deep into the heart of Gaia mother earth herself. What many forget is that she is indeed fed by the releasing of old trauma, allow to draw the pain out of your emotional bodies dear ones and recycle this energy for the awakening process. GROUNDING dear ones is absolutely essential at this time; as the energies heighten, allow the higher frequencies to purify your heart space, your genitals and your connection to mother earth. For those with a predisposition and challenge with grounding will find this time more emotionally challenging then normal where others will experience breakthroughs in being able to anchor and ground even more of their soul consciousness into the body with greater ease. Regardless of what phase of ascension you’re in this time is indeed potent, cause for both the balance of action and self reflection.

Consider dear ones, how you would envision a planet where the pain between man and woman was resolved. What would this mean for humanity?
See this happening for yourselves and humanity. Hold a clear vision, all the way from source, through your I AM presence into your soul and into your emotional bodies and FEEL the resolution of the end of pain between man and woman. The end of this ancient war of the sexes, the battle between brothers over woman, the end of manipulation of the feminine over man, the end of competition between woman for man. See it all unraveling into soul embodied beings seeing the divine expression of form in each other, connected to source and enhancing each others awakening process through divine love and spiritual commitment. Understand that this is a foundational piece of healing that is being shifted within the greater light community now to grid a NEW experience of soul embodied love. And if there is great pain and confusion arising for you at this time in this arena dear ones, know that there is a purification happening and that this is part of that process.
May you have the courage to feel beloved souls! For in FEELING you free yourself of the pain of the past. RELEASE IT OUT. Give it back to the mother earth so you MAY RISE as the divine soul that you came here to be in support to something much greater than yourself!
The courage to surrender to something far greater than intellect and soften into the great mystery as it holds you in potentiality.
I AM returning to the Earth my brothers and Sisters, the 2nd wave of ascension has begun and the liberation of long held distortions will begin and continue to release. I am the cosmic mother of primordial space and ecstatic union.

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