Eloheim ∞ The Present Now is All That Matters


Beloved ones we come to you now with great joy from our being to yours. We say that what is present now is all that matters. What the future holds is only an illusion, a projection, and yet you can trust the visions that give rise from your heart. You can learn to trust the essence of what you are calling forth into your experience; honoring the not knowing of how it will come and the ways that are beyond your imagination that will serve your highest good.

The addiction to projecting one’s thoughts into the future we say no longer serves the vast majority of you. To give your energy into a million scenarios pulls vital life force away from what you can tend to here & now. We want to be very clear that this is very different than taking concentrated times out of your day to visualize the life you would like experience and the world you would like to inhabit; from a connected and intentional space. In fact we would suggest practicing these types of meditations numerous times throughout the coming weeks as you get closer to the September 27th Unity Grid portal. What we are speaking to, Rather has to do with the monkey-mind aspect of your being, that part of you that insists on having control over the future from the seat of fear. This is very important to discern what we are saying here. The difference of the mental body projecting from fear; from the place of not having (deprivation), of losing, of missing out, of any scenario that is NOT love. VS – the heart visualizing the future from the seat of love.

We say this need to control outcomes is what causes great disharmony and disease in the majority of beings on the planet. This is a survival mechanism that is the symptom of an overactive ego-mind. This calculating aspect of your humanity has its place but when left unchecked uses a vital amount of energy that is absolutely necessary for your healing and light-body upgrades at this time. Focus on what you would prefer to experience and invite your higher self to inform you of the trust required for the universe to bring you exactly what you need to achieve heart-centered/ soul-inspired dreams. For we say many of you are so deeply committed to being of service to humanity and have varying ideas, projects and visions that are essential and supportive to the collective awakening process. We are not encouraging you to dismiss these visions of the future, rather to not waste energy day-dreaming but Willfully intending through your energy and emotions that reality you wish to experience. We say that it takes far less energy to actively interrupt worrying, projecting , fantasizing and calculating future scenarios based on fear; than it does to conjure up these scenarios… And yet a particular quality of intention and focus is required to begin to more acutely observe this tendency and interrupt it. We say that part of the reason these scenarios of hyper-mentalizing are increasing, the energies of overwhelm, stress, etc. where your waking life is concerned is because there is a stirring in the collective heart to make changes.

Many do not even know the changes that they need to make. They are not fully conscious of the shifts required to bring into fruition a new age of relating, of balance, harmony and peace on earth starting in their individual lives; and yet the impetus is there quite strongly now. There is a great deal of new information streaming in from the cosmic energies at this time, truly inviting humanity to make a conscious effort towards resolving their present ecological crisis. We say that this crisis will increase until it captures enough attention as to shift you from your abnormal-normality… in other words interrupt business as usual. In this way the effect that your present industries are having on your environment have their own place within the divine plan and in this way; the many of you who have been committed to unity, to organizing community, to healing yourselves and the planet, step forward as stewards of this new way. You will be there to meet humanity like a child who has touched a hot stove.

For we say there is enough time to resolve your present crisis but unity, collaboration and especially forgiveness is required in order for your planet to enter a new chapter. For each of you reading this, there is an invitation in here to explore these aspects within your own life for we inform the greater picture of your ascension process where it is tangible here and now. WE do not wish to overwhelm you or create more fear, stress and worry about the outcome of your planet, rather we wish to inspire you and interrupt any pattern that either focus too much on your own process or Too much on the state of the world; for truly a balance of both is required to bring about the most effective changes. In other words, putting into practice these intentions of forgiveness, collaboration and unity within your own life is enough; is in fact a step forward toward planetary healing. This is the only way an authentic shift will come about is multitudes of individuals living fully in commitment to their highest self. Keeping all of this in mind beloveds we also wish to say, let the pressure go. Trust in your capacity to respond to the changes you wish to make in your life without knowing or understanding every detail of how, when and where these changes are going to come about. Let the pressure go from yourself to doing it all alone and know that you are part of a planetary awakening and yet you have a beautiful unique process within this greater picture. Many of you, as you let go more and more of your sense of self-superiority and inferiority will come to realize the beautiful common threads that your collective planetary process reveals. In other words you have more in common with all of humanity than you can acknowledge in this moment; but as you embrace this you will find true revelations of compassion towards your own process and humanity. This compassion seeds the basis for collaboration for the highest outcome of your planet.

For example; If you knew you were on a sinking ship you would not waste as much time arguing over petty business and rather start scooping and dumping the water overboard; you would find a way to work together to keep the ship afloat. To expand on this concept where it would be most supportive to your individual lives, we say that as the old paradigm structures of separation, fear and control begin to be dismantled at a collective and individual level you can certainly expect there to be stormy periods of recalibration. This recalibration both has an energetic and physical component. WE would Urge you to truly tune into what the moment is asking you as we bring our transmission full circle. As you learn to interrupt the mechanical tendencies of the human mind and return to god-source within your heart-centered consciousness you will be informed both by your intuition, and a deeper connection to self the most beneficial choices that would serve you. As the collective paradigm is dismantled more and more disillusionment will fractal out in the world; things that held so much emphasis and importance will become more and more meaningless compared to the essential needs of true humanity, nature and the laws of love, karma and attraction. We would encourage of all you to become more and more clear on what it is you wish to experience, on what is truly important to you. If you had to leave your home tonight, what would you take with you?

If you had to leave your home forever and head to a new land of great promise what positive virtues would you be bringing to this new earth? There is no guilt or shame to be had for any faults in discovery from this previous paradigm. Go boldly into the new, into the future you would rather experience for your own life and the planet and it shall be so. Give energy to this from your heart and not your mental body and see how the energy informs your being. There is much to be celebrated as you claim your planet; know you have the strength, love and support to do so through your free will. We watch as loving witnesses informing you of your return to the garden of Eden, to the nature of unity and soul. You are important to all of creation. What is taking place echoes out through galaxies as the light returns to Gaia Earth. We Rejoice! We are the Elohim, guardians of the central sun, creator gods of love, light, mercy and power. We are with you!

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