New Renaissance Mystery School, Feb 28-July

03/14/2018 8:00 am

  • March 14, 2018
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Alokananda & The Academy of Self Mastery Presents :


“Anchoring the new timelines”

Thanks so much for you interest in the upcoming course!
I am beyond excited to share an experience like this with a select group of beings ready to up level not only their personal reality but anchor a benevolent reality for the whole.


The New Renaissance is a term I’m using to describe what I believe is a shift of consciousness happening on our planet.
Just like in the previous Renaissance time, they discovered perspective and new art, enlightened content, connection and enhancements in society took place originating from a shift in consciousness; I believe we are entering an intuitive and multi-dimensional shift of perspective that is going to inform, impact and ultimately shape our lives in significant and profound ways.

The New Renaissance Mystery School is about nourishing this intuitive & multi-dimensional element of ourselves as it relates to the process of self-mastery & planetary service. For those burning with a fire to both refine, deepen and put to use their spiritual & creative gifts in service to the whole.

Are you the next “Michelangelo” of your chosen modality of service? Of healing, of dance, art, music, yoga etc?
Do you want to more deeply claim that master presence living within you, to bring him/her to the forefront of your life’s choices?


Going on the journey of individual and collective expansion…
To anchor the benevolent timelines for self, humanity & the future generations, bringing about ones highest fulfillment, awakening the codes of self-mastery, enhancing your spiritual & intuitive gifts, gaining new tools for resolving karma, trauma, sabotage, shadow work etc.; raising the vibration of the collective and aligning with the new narratives of leadership, integration, awakening, ascension alchemy and so much more…

Greatly enhancing your abilities to manifest, experience greater love, connection to spirit, soul, clarity into the greater unfolding journey of ascension and planetary healing.
Supporting your process as a way shower, light worker, healer, guide, earth angel and ambassador for new earth culture.
Journey with a group of like minded souls and share your breakthroughs as we enter the Etheric Temple 2x a month and gift you with potent support for the next level of your planetary service & spiritual evolutionary process.

Entering into sacred space with the Ascended masters, Arch-Angels, Federations of light etc. 2x a month enhancing one’s one’s energy field for the purpose of being able to hold more light, refine the compass of the soul to become more profoundly resilient to the up-coming planetary shifts, initiations and changes.

Each weeks calls are emergent and 80% of the curriculum is being created & guided by the Masters, Higher Councils and galactic federations of light, as they are referring to us as “the Ground Crew” this course is about building mastery and resiliency to show up in life fully and be able to manifest the benevolent timelines for self, earth and the future generations.

This course is exceptionally supportive to those who are more empathic, sensitive and wanting to enhance, stabilize & nourish their evolutionary process with regular support & more community.

Massive Momentum for 2018

  • 2 Calls per month
  • Access to private FB page with on going support
  • Required Reading Materials
  • HW & others Assignments for unlocking dormant codes in your self-mastery process & mind set mastery
  • Access to private recorded videos for the group
  • Secret practices, meditations and soul-technologies for evolution, manifestation & mastery
  • Dispensations & Empowerments by the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Galactic Federations of light
  • Emergent information about each month & “weather report” on what is unfolding in the collective and individual ascension process
  • Sound Healing & Energy Upgrades
  • Light body activations
  • Energetic cleansing & Chakra Balancing
  • Akashic record clearings for the group heart
  • Acceleration of benevolent timelines, anchoring the collective prayer & intentions
  • Overall massive upgrade in you ability to hold a higher vibration on the planet and refine the compass of your soul
  • Real-time Channeled information with personalized transmissions for the unique emergence of the individuals, the group heart and the times we’re living in

More about the Mystery School:

Until very recently the mystery schools have been held secret from the public and only made accessible to initiates. The teachings of the mystery schools contain the innermost knowledge of life, of the nature of soul, of ascension and these teachings are deeply rooted in this ancient wisdom. While these traditions and teachings can be found throughout history, & transcend culture, the lineage of the mystery schools that we are working with culminate a combination of 10+ years of initiation that Alokananda has passed through, and channeling specific master beings that are “professors” within these mystery school lineages. Anchored primarily in the orders of Melchizadek and Isis, with branches moving through the taoist, tibetan, north & south native american, Vedic, Egyptian, mayan/ toltec and druid lineages that Alokananda connects to. Alokananda began his journey as a channel in 2011 and was introduced directly to the pantheon of support through one of his spiritual mentors and was initiated to directly work with the modality Violet Alchemy and channel the Ascended masters, mothers, arch-angels and galactic federations as well as other benevolent beings, ancestors and spirit guides. He has done this privately one on one for the past 6 years and has just been guided to go fully public with his multi-dimensional healing, empowerment and channeling gifts in 2018. (read 1 on 1 testimonials) Alokananda’s joyful, passionate and humble approach to healing, empowerment and service balances the work of resolving shadow aspects of consciousness, while activating the light & dormant gifts of the individual, so that one’s humanity & divinity are no longer separate but functioning as a cohesive whole. Balancing the subconscious, adult (conscious) and higher-self (super-conscious) in full connected awareness for the purpose of soul-fulfillment & planetary service.

“The mystery schools have long held and protected the ancient wisdom of the world. The schools primary duty was to serve the light and keep the ancient knowledge alive. Many forces on the planet have attempted to remove or eliminate this knowledge from the Earth. For within these teachings are the greatest secrets the world has ever known; the greatest power that has ever been available to humankind! Because of the massive shifts in energy occurring on our planet today, the mystery schools are now releasing these ancient teachings for first time ever to the public.”

“We are here to support and accelerate the resolution of karma within the nervous system / energy field; to allow for the most benevolent and preferred timelines to anchor more gracefully for the individual process of ascension and where one’s accelerated process directly impacts and sets a precedence for the collective awakening journey of humanity” -Quan Yin

More about Alokananda

Alokananda is a spiritual mentor who has been studying and practicing actively since 2004. Mentored in bio-energetics therapy for over 9 years, he carries yogic, taoist and martial arts lineages, & was initiated in medicine work and adopted into tribal customs in 2008 under strict tutuledge from multiple wisdom keepers in north and south american shamanism. He has been recognized by multiple elders as a young wisdom keeper & a carrier of both Star Knowledge & prophecy. A reverend in the Order of Melchizadek, he is a certified Violet Alchemy Healing® practicioner able to read the akashic records & is a clear channel for the Ascended Masters & Mothers, ArchAngels, Galactic Federations of Light and Ancestors to bring their potent transmissions of love through for the purpose of soul awakening and planetary service.

Alokananda entered into the entrepreneurial and coaching world in 2015 building a 6 figure practice in less than 6 months, bursting bubbles of constraint and industry “standards”. Immersed in trainings and extracting the elements of the industry that can serve the Earth steward community, Alokananda has a deep desire to see his community THRIVE on every level. Alokananda is also a musician, activist, community builder, healer and writer offering inspiration and passion around co-creating a new cultural narrative on the planet.


Testimonials from Aloka’s Work :

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