June 16th, Ascension update from Archangel Zadkiel


Channelled by Alokananda on June 16th

Beloved ones we come to you today with a loving reminder that all is unfolding according to the divine plan, and although it is very easy and enticing to put so much emphasis on the external world, the world of your politics the world of your economics, the world of your environment, indeed these are arenas that are    catalyzing great shifts in your collective consciousness; but we say the biggest shifts that are going to take place are within you. This is not a new concept to many of you, to most of you there is enough of an understanding that the internal process of transformation indeed shapes the outer world but we need to remind you of this and the potency of this at this time as you have reached a new octave in the quickening of time and those that have held power of your species are losing control and are doing everything in their power to ensnare as many souls as possible, in the morass, in the drama, in the pain of human suffering. These beings do not think ahead; they do not recognize that they to will indeed need to make internal adjustments eventually as well, that their agenda is limited and is being confronted by the raising of love on your planet. This love force is everything beloveds, you must consciously use it to overcome darkness within and with out. Dear ones, do not underestimate what your internal transformation of consciousness can do for your planet.
Do not underestimate your capacity to reclaim your power, your souls desires for your life and the life of your planet. We know you are concerned. We know you are concerned about the environment and about the corruption your are seeing in your political systems and the larger industries and we say take action dear ones. Take action from the greatest part of your being in the most clearly guided way, for it is certainly time to take action. For many of you who have felt this and have delayed certain projects or internal choices in your life, habits and other path ways that no longer serve you, you have been building up your strength to move to the next experience of your reality. Faith is needed dear ones, more than ever your faith is needed and as you match your faith with action you will become impeccable agents of change on behalf of humanity and the earth. The political world is one mirror to the changes that wish to happen. Do not over indulge it, but recognize that it is indeed stirring something, people are become aware and people are ready to change. Change is scary for many, change represents death for many archetypes of egoic consciousness, even if change is for the best, it can feel threatening. See the parallels in your life, where are you resisting change in your own life, even if it is an improvement? Can you not see how this is connected to the resistance that those that wish to prevent your liberation, from trying to prevent a benevolent experience of this earth plane… can you see how their resistance to change, their desire to control is related to your own resistance? You must over come your own egoic tendencies dear ones, your egos are benevolent pieces of the divine puzzle, they are not bad or wrong, they have simply become out dated. See where these aspects of your consciousness are still functioning and begin to uproot it, get to the cause and core of the unresolved aspects of your being that still have fear or control guiding choices in your life. Uprooting these mechanisms will allow a greater ease for you to transition into the life you truly want. Do not indulge the fear, do not feed the game that they have set for you in the political world. Your new leaders, the movement that has been sparked we say is indeed something to be conscious of, it is not all about the political landscape or one leader it is about each of you and what you are experiencing together. It is about what you are ready to experience! What are you ready to experience dear ones? Truly you must identify this at the deepest level if you are going to actively work towards this individually and collectively. IT is time to make the next steps in your evolution and the internal landscape awaits you, the great internal work awaits you, your emotions await you, your responsibilities await you. Go froth in great love and the guidance of your greatest self. We are with you. We are Zadkiel. We love you

ART by Walter Bruneel

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