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Solutionary • Project Catalyst • Visionary • Connector

Below are my ever evolving visions, projects and legacy that I’m co-creating to contribute to the upliftment of our world and humanity. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding these projects, to learn more on how you can get involved or for bookings.

We are Building a Legacy Together.

Neo Pioneer

Throughout the ages there have been explorers, scientists, artists, inventors, philosophers and spiritual leaders who were deemed crazy by Society and the contemporary culture they existed in at their unique juncture in history. Only later did they become recognized as innovators, leaders, and pioneers of new paradigms, whose powerful discoveries, theories, and journeys contributed to a visceral and tangible upgrade to the quality of life for  humanity.

The mythos of the pioneer is woven into the fabric of human history as a necessary agent for positive change; not only for  the advancement of nations but for humanity as a whole. We are at a unique crossroads in human history; where the pioneer must once again become.


neoThis juncture is different than that of previous ages such as exploration or industrialization. The juncture we are facing truly encompasses all of life on planet Earth. This juncture will determine the evolution of our very species and calls out to the Neo-Pioneer to take action; to bring us across uncharted territory and an ocean of populis.

We’re here to trail blaze a new path where we restore, reclaim and re-inhabit the local and global village and establish real solutions to global and local crisis.

We’re ready to establish a balance between nature and sustainable technology; between the ancient and new, the within and without.

We utilize the vastness of our intelligence, creativity and inherent goodness and align with a universal philosophy that transcends dogma and truly honors what is sacred to all of humanity.

We invoke a commitment that preserves what is most essential for the future generations of our planet.

And like the pioneers, explorers and scientists who were bold enough to challenge contemporary paradigms and theories throughout the ages, we set out to make a positive evolutionary impact on our planet. Like those who crossed the oceans to new worlds, those who re-kindled the energy of wonder, mystery and adventure in the human heart, to show that another way; a new way is possible. 



“Having worked closely with Alokananda over the past few months I’ve come to see that his abilities as a visionary, a dynamic leader, and a compassionate, clear-minded, open-hearted human being are quite inspiring.  I am grateful to call him my colleague and friend.”
– Nathan Crane, C.E.O and Founder of Panacea Network, Award-winning author, Inspirational speaker, and Conscious filmmaker.

Preserving Indigenous Wisdom

It’s been a deep passion & commitment of mine learning the pathways of native american wisdom teachings. Traditional ceremonies, council ways and healing practices have held a sacred place in my heart throughout my path and is always evolving and informing my spirit. I’ve had the honor to sit with, work next to and train under a profound group of wisdom keepers, elders and lineage holders.

I am committed to the preservation and proliferation of spiritual & ancestral wisdom. The “technologies” of the first nations bring forth gifts that deeply connect us to spirit, the natural world and our mother earth. The different ceremonies, and medicines worked with since time immorial; I believe have kept a balance between humanity and the rest of creation. Our modern super consumer culture has bred a powerful energy of separation from our earth mother.


legacy2Many of our modern diseases, ailments, depression etc. I believe all stem from our lack of direct connection to the natural world of spirit and our mother earth.

My elders of many different lineages have all taught me about the prophecies of our time. It is so intriguing and moving to me to see what they are all pointing to; that it is imperitive that we seek balance and harmony with creation again. I believe in our power as a collective planetary community to safe guard the rights of our mother earth and her peoples; to preserve what is essentially good and sacred for the coming generations. This is a job that cannot wait for our children, for the circumstances have become too dire. It is our responsibility now to build this bridge out of a culture of destruction into a culture that nourishes.

legacy3The Lakota people have a saying : Mitakuye Oyasin – “For all my relations”. This is the place of service, where our own healing, actions and our evolution is not for us alone anymore. What we do, how we do it, and what we become ripples out to all who we are connected to and out to all of creation.

I am connected with a number of organizations, causes and advocates that are working directly with indigenous leaders and communities. If this is something you are interested in supporting or have questions about, I’m happy to connect you with the right iniative. Please utilize the contact me page and be specific with your inquiry and interest.


“We are here to build a legacy, one that will create
roadmaps to a more nourishing planetary culture; one
that honors the truth of our inherent divinity
and the sacredness of our mother Earth.”

Suns of the Earth

legacy3Suns of the Earth is an extension of my creative soul’s desire to uplift humanity through music. As lead singer and lyricist, Suns brings all parts of my self into a vulnerable and powerful extension of my commitment to showing that a new way, a new earth is not only possible but is something we are here to co-create together. The logo represents the bridging of cosmic knowledge with ancestral wisdom, grounding the ascension on earth. 


Suns of the Earth are singing the song of our times and within their music lives the mythos of a global transformational movement. They bring a powerful & evocative new sound with a unique blend of genres; highlighted by rootsy earth vibes, heart opening lyrics, catchy hooks, and epic choruses that are powerful and uplifting to sing along to.

Their message of universal harmony and uplifting humanity beckons listeners to return to the heart & to take action in the world from a space of inspired love. Suns of the Earth bring a passion for empowered community taking audiences on a powerful journey in an exchange where there is no separation between performer and


Planetary Solutions


Planetary Solutions is a platform for Solutionary Culture, making available the most pertinent experts, speakers, leaders, wisdom keepers, artists, scientists, and solutionaries of our time.

Through media, events, webinars and more, Planetary Solutions is committed to bringing forth the most wholesome & thrive based alternatives to our planet’s unique social, spiritual, economic & ecological challenges.


Land-Based communities

legacy6This is the future, and its happening now. Hundreds of thousands of people are feeling the call to leave the cities, to raise their children within a village, eat healthy food grown from the earth, practice a way of life that fully nourishes their spirit, live close to the land and participate in community. To have all of this while still enjoying the aspects of the modern world and technologies that serve connection, but remain in balance with the earth. It is a deep commitment of mine to help create these centers and to support those who are ready to establish land projects, eco-villages and educational retreat centers.


With almost a decade of holistic event production experience and having lived and participated in multiple ashrams, intentional living communities, eco-villages and educational centers around the world, I am very excited to help create the next level experience of community and assist the development of integrated and innovative land based templates. I am presently connected to some of the leading experts and projects in this field and am presently connected to over 17 active land projects in development.



I’ve played a role as a super connector and amplifier for as long as I’ve been involved in  building community. For me community is a true solution to our challenging times. I believe we are moving towards a new paradigm of relating, one that is focused on support, enhancement and inspiration. Through the growth edges of integral business and community building I believe that we are capable of creating amazing nourishing systems that will support the planet and humanity.

Alokananda is available for speaking  engagements,
workshops, group facilitation and consulting.