Right Relationship: The Road Map to Harmony


It would serve the reader to explore my article Soul Evolution and the new renaissance to gain a better understanding of my definitions and concepts of soul as they apply to this article.

The term Right Relations or Right Relationship was introduced to me a long time ago by one of my elders in the Lakota tradition, Vernon Foster (Thunder He Walks With). The term was an english translation of traditional language & indigenous culture. From the indigenous perspective, right relationship meant how we treated the mother earth and how we treated her was an extension or expression of our character, level of integrity and revealed more about our spiritual essence. This was also translated into how we treated others as well. In essence right relationship meant choosing on behalf of harmony, on behalf of the greater good and in honoring of the mother earth.

If I never heard this term in a ceremonial context I wondered how it might be experienced by others that have never heard this expression before. What would they think about? Would this term trigger a montage of past lovers or the friendships in their lives? Would people think of past situations that didn’t “work out”? What does “right” even mean, and what does that invoke in people? We all have ideas and beliefs about “what’s right” and we can even tend to create polarities at times with the people we love the most based on “what’s right”. Ideologies and spiritual-ego can be a very dangerous mix when it comes to the subject of right-relationship but that is a whole can of worms for another day. We’ve been taught what’s right and wrong since the moment we could crawl. As I tend to be a bridge between different cultures and have a passion for sacred relating, this piece is about applying some of the essence of this principle as I understand it. It is about understanding how right relationship can shift our lives towards harmonious relating.

When I use the phrase “right-relationship”; I’m not referring to “right” as a mental construct, a pre-prescribed moral understanding or dogma. For me right relationship brings us into heart-based consciousness and out of the myriad of projections, expectations, illusions and perceived threats of ego-mind based consciousness. When I use the term right relationship, I’m referring to the soul’s unique capacity to respond to life from a place of love, trust, wisdom, reverence and empowerment. In this sense right means honoring. So the phrase here as it relates to the meaning originally introduced and the way that I like to explain it is this : right relationship simply means honoring ourselves and others, in doing so it means honoring all of creation and vice versa.

When we come into right relationship with ourselves, we can meet all of life in right relationship. This relationship is an ever expanding, organic, living discovery with no end. When we are centered in right relationship we are at the nexus point of where our experience is directly responding to life, centered in feeling and grounded in presence. From here, we can form deep, meaningful connections to all of life, be it a person, a plant, animal or cosmic energy.  This relationship with self and life is grounded in the understanding that we are not helpless and have the ability to consciously make choices that lead us in the direction of wholeness, fulfillment, healing, empowerment, love and understanding.

When we make choices from this place we follow the natural rhythms of harmony that are encoded like sacred geometry into the fabric of our universe. For example, if our mental mind is still enough, we can directly perceive what “fire” is without interpreting it. We feel it fully and truly experience it, the warmth, the colors etc, we are not in our heads limiting the experience of it through needing to define it, we feel safe enough to “lose ourselves” in the experience.  In the same way we can learn to directly relate to another person’s joy, sadness, or truth through direct empathy, compassion and heartfelt presence. We can also come across a tree or a plant and recognize the life force in it that is the same life-force running through us. Through right-relationship we start to see beyond just form and relate to life more in terms of energetics and the qualities of soul.

The qualities of the Soul are the pathways out of suffering, out of struggle, out of dis-ease, dysfunctional relationships and into peace, enhancement, harmony, and lasting fulfillment.  These qualities are available to all persons no matter their situation in life, no matter the culture, the age, color or creed, for we are all endowed with Soul. Soul-based living is inherent in right-relationship. These qualities of Soul are not something far off in the future that we have to attain, they do not require the extremes of past cycles of history or dogma, they are qualities that exist here and now; yet like all things that create lasting change; practice, commitment, willingness, openness, vulnerability and support are needed to refine these qualities of the Soul into embodiment and into right relationship.

Right relationship is the foundational teaching of the ancestors, the angelic ones, the ascended ones and the future civilization that we are co-creating. No one owns them, they are to be shared as these principles are part of a living cosmology, mythology and law of universal harmony. I do however share my own unique relationship to these teachings and bring them forth as a guide, a friend, a brother and as one on my own journey of enhancing how I experience life and show up in the world.

Along this path of ascension we are bound to make mistakes, we are bound to affect and be affected by others that we love the most; those who we are in direct relationship with. In this sense I do not wish to make right relationship an ideology that can then be used against oneself or others, but rather a seed of inspiration and also an invitation to participate in a nourishing paradigm of deep honoring. In other words, Right relationship is something to be explored, experienced and to be discovered.

The truth is, the deeper we go into intimacy with ourselves, others and life itself the more chance we have of the greater love of the universe to assist in surfacing that which is not love. The more we come into right relationship with our own innermost being and inherent innocence, the more we can show up as love with others. If these internal spaces go untapped, unaccessed, it is very difficult to have the authentic reverence that comes from soul to then share outwardly, to then be able to honor life; to be in right relationship.

In conclusion, right relationship is the bi-product of one’s soul capacity and as it is developed also develops the Soul’s capacity to choose right relationship. Soul capacity is the culmination of love embodied, forged through trust, wisdom, reverence and authentic empowerment.

Our job is to cultivate right relationship with ourselves and nature and from there we can soften more and more into our relating with all. It is this inherent connection that can shift our present paradigm from destructive and exploitative to nourishing and supportive. When people honor themselves and others they will know how to honor the earth. If people learn to honor the earth and life they will learn to honor themselves and others. Right relationship illuminates the deepest mystery of inter-connectedness of all of life. What I do to others, I do to myself, what I do to the earth, I do to my neighbors and the next generations. Right relationship is the opportunity to discover a living roadmap in which we base our technologies, our primary choices and investments moving forward as a new planetary culture. For a revolution of love is at hand and right relationship will allow this to benefit all beings.

May we all walk in harmony.

May we all deeply honor each other and this beautiful earth we share called home.

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