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Jay Levin

Founder and former editor-and-chief of LA Weekly

"Alokananda has to be one of the most remarkably intuitive and profoundly deep and effective healer / shaman / coaches on the planet.  He comes bearing divine wisdom and insight and makes it relevant to every aspect of how you currently hold reality and exactly what transformations of belief and behavior are needed, which he proceeds to facilitate. He is a master at helping one give authority to one’s higher self. It is a completely original and elevating experience to work with him."


Jonah Hass

Co-Founder of Lucidity Festivals

"I am feeling mighty waves of gratitude for Alokananda today. The multidimensional healing work we did this afternoon was powerful and profound. Acting as a channel for all of my guides, ancestors and light guardians to identify energetic blockages that were ready for clearing, Alokananda gently and humbly permissioned me to let go of a variety of beliefs and karmic attachments that no longer serve my highest ME. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I also appreciated that the work was able to be done remotely, over the phone, allowing me to be comfortably cozy in my bed at home. I'm looking forward to the unfolding and rippling impact of this work in my life. To anyone struggling during this time of turning inward, I highly recommend a Violet Alchemy session with Alokananda; he is an adept in his trade."


Naia Leigh

Coach, Priestess & Artist

"Alokananda is an ancient, loving and powerful soul that I am grateful to call a coach, friend and colleague. I value the efficiency of his work, especially the approach of Violet Alchemy sessions which are deep and multi-dimensional experiences. I've experienced sessions that have directly healed the source of layered limitations accumulated through out lifetimes. This work brings deeper healing and understanding to these types of core challenges, catalysing powerful transformation and forward momentum on a soul level. I highly recommend working with Alokananda if you are seriously committed to your growth and higher purpose."


Will Kleidon

President and CEO of Ojai Eneregtics PBC

"Alokananda is a deep reservoir of insight and compassion. He has a profound gift of providing practical wisdom that cuts to the core of what one needs for growth; whilst remaining tender, heart centered and present. Applying his guidance has already helped me significantly grow the revenue of my business through finding a deeper conscious connection with my souls purpose. Being a successful CEO of a startup, in a rapidly growing international health industry sector, demands balance and effective tools in order to guide the frequently shifting and growing business. Applying his poignant and succinct advice, has delivered returns in ways that are priceless. I highly recommended working with Alokananda to anyone who wants to take their life to the next level in a practical, soul centered and effective way."


Sri Mati

Facilitator & Yoga Instructor
at School Yoga Institute

"The journey with Alokananda has proved to be quite difficult to sum up into words. Beyond being an extremely incredible friend, ally, and brother, walking this path, he is by far one of the most gifted healers and intuitive guides I have ever met in this lifetime. We initiated a 3 month process that cut straight to the very core of my being, uprooting wounds and themes from childhood and beyond. I felt in each session that my truth was being revealed seamlessly, and as each thread unraveled, even more clarity than I could have ever imagined became apparent. Alokandada is a compassionate, loving, and very precise intuitive, receiving guidance from the realms of On High and beyond and all of which spoke to my soul on levels that have no words. Each session I would find myself in tears, shaking, or releasing through full, embodied affirmation of the work at hand. This for me is the work of a true spiritual guide: one who delivers truth and then is affirmed in truth. For me, that lays deeply seated in the body. Tears of confirmation, head nods, you name it, I experienced it. I am truly grateful for our time together and it has left me feeling ready to embark on the next level of my soul's path. His gifts and talents are limitless, his love is overflowing, and the space he holds is like a nest cradling the most sacred of children. Walking this EarthWalk at times where the future is unknown to any of us and unparalleled by any event in the history of our times, I know it is important to call forth a support system to feel supported throughout the process. Alokananda is one of the few people I know that can usher in both a grounded, firm, supportive journey, while also honoring the highest guidance from our expanding consciousness that wishes to be anchored at this time. I can honestly say, he is a living embodiment of this New Earth anchoring process for our entire planet, and in service to all beings here and now."


Amateo Ra

High Impact Coach, Founder
& CEO of High Vibe Tribe

"Alokananda is an immensely talented visionary, leader and healer. His multidisciplinary passions and skills continually impress and inspire me. From leadership events, to spirit-filled music to powerful healing sessions and circles. His Violet Flame Alchemy works is by far some of the most powerful energy and soul retrieval work I’ve ever experienced, always rebooting me and leaving me powerful connected to my purpose and higher-self. He’s an extremely talented coach, always being able to bring one to their highest-truth and getting straight to the heart of the matter. Alokananda’s talents are beyond words, and I highly recommend his work in all capacities."


Nathan Crane

President, Panacea Community, LLC, Award -winning author, Inspirational speaker and Conscious filmmaker.

"Having worked closely with Alokananda over the past few months I’ve come to see that his abilities as a visionary, a dynamic leader, and a compassionate clear-minded, open-hearted human being, are quite inspiring.  Alokananda is able to hold a strong vision into the future for creating higher levels of meaning and purpose for individuals, communities, organizations, and the planet - while also being able to organize and implement a clear plan of action into full realization.  I sense that he will continue to do great things for many people on the planet over the coming years. I am grateful to call him my colleague and friend."


Brooke Alexandra

Lifestyle Consultant and Creator

"I have worked with many, many healers and I have never experienced anything like Alokananda’s gifts or Violet Alchemy. I am typically used to clearing one or two issues in a session and in just one session with Alokananda, we cleared over 30 blocks that were hindering my evolution, growth, happiness and self-worth. The experience is like cleaning a dirty window. Afterwards, I am left with clear vision and feeling renewed. The shift is dramatic, not only with how I feel but also how I respond to life, situations and circumstances. My relationship with others has improved and most of all, my relationship with how I see myself and how that allows me to step more confidently onto my path as a healer, teacher, lover and sovereign woman. I am infinitely grateful!"


Taya Shere

Healer & Professional Singer

"I didn't know Aloka and was at first skeptical about energy healing by phone. I was quickly awed at his astute perception of my core patterns and blocks. Aloka's clear, warm presence helped me to open to deep work. I emerged feeling clear and whole. Layers of integration and up-leveling continued for weeks after the session."


Daniel Levin

C.E.O of HealerSource, Boston

"I had a Violet Alchemy session with Alokananda. We covered several past lives, former relationships, soul contracts, and my connection with my parents. I′ve done a tremendous amount of spiritual and personal growth work over the years and I′ve never before cleared so much in such a short period of time. Aloka held the space beautifully and was a clear channel for the spirit coming through. He was extremely accurate at intuitively identifying all the issues coming up for me. The clearings and empowerments cut straight through the noise and left me feeling free of a lot of old blocks and baggage. Its taken me about a week to integrate the new energies but now I′m feeling totally clear with a much higher energy level and totally empowered. Been doing things all week that I thought were not possible before."



"I met Alokananda during a very dark and confusing time in my life, at the height of my physical pain and anxiety. No medical doctor was able to pinpoint a diagnosis for me and natural remedies were of little relief, if any at all. One session with Aloka allowed me to understand the root cause of my pain, discomfort, and anxiety. Without this knowledge, I felt rather stuck in my process. It is only when you are able to understand the lesson behind any discomfort that deep healing can begin. I was able to gain a much better understanding of myself and learned that pain was actually a messenger and a blessing in disguise. Although I am still very much in my healing process, my VA session brought light to my situation, gave me hope, and created a snowball effect for my journey to self-discovery and healing.  The self-discovery process that was once painful and uncomfortable has been far more gentle and even exciting ever since incorporating Violet Alchemy into my life. Aloka's kind and loving nature allows one to fully believe and trust in themselves, their process, and the Universe in its entirety. It is truly an honor to be able to benefit from the tremendous support that he offers."

Claire Oliver

Artist, New York, NY

"Alokananda is a healer of healers and a teacher of teachers. He has been a hidden gem in my life and I am so excited for him to be discovered by the world at large as he is such a gift to humanity. I am deeply grateful for this man's presence, wisdom and the accuracy of his gifts. I highly recommend him to anyone on their hero's journey that are seeking to go to the next level. In the 6 months that we've worked together I've resolved more than I ever thought possible. It has been inspiring, empowering and zenlightening and I will continue to utilize his support moving forward in my life's work."


Former Professional Rugby Player, France

"I was introduced to Alokananda by a dear friend and started our work together with a Violet Alchemy healing session. I was immediately and completely blown away by how powerful, clear and mystical Aloka's healing techniques are; which must be one of the most unique chakra clearings sessions on the planet, all from a distance!  I was guided into the deepest parts of my being and extricating layer after layer of karmic debris and being shaken and removed from the various energetic bodies as well as from my chakra system; bringing all into the presence of white light; God, source, consciousness, however you wish to name it was present the whole time.  Alokananda's power of invocation and manifestation are his attributes for your souls true purpose here on Gaia Mother Earth, his prayers & trance- states and ability to channel divine energy are awe-inspiring! My soul was bubbling with joy and calling for more of this divine healing power. I was so grateful when I started my longer term commitment and invested in a 3 month program. Well friends, this has been absolutely huge for me, the guidance, the Grace Aloka creates within space, the opening of his heart and the way he allows for an environment of pure growth of my being has been astounding! Each session has increased the awareness, love, light, compassion and wisdom within me, synchronicity and miracles are increasing in my life. I feel that through these new energetic openings and alignments with the universal one we increase our manifestation abilities and start to move towards the universal cause of relieving suffering within ourselves and others. I can feel that whatever is happening to me, the increased presence of love and light is trickling down to the level of my cells and DNA. With these galactic teachings and Wisdom shared, I feel renewed faith moving through my entire being and connecting more and more with ultimate reality as the pulsation of divinity within us. "God-Guru-Self are all one thing" -Ramana Maharshi. There are many promises and pitfalls on the spiritual path and this is why I feel warm gratitude for this alliance and guidance towards the process of ascension from mr. bliss; Alokananda. I am truly honoured to share and grow through this process with him! For your work Aloka, for the benevolent and the transcendent divine beings he works with on all the different planes of consciousness, thank you for everything.   I feel that he alongside these divine beings are the portal/doorway through to embodying unconditional love. I AM forever Grateful."