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You’re here to make a real difference on the planet and in people’s lives, to be the best version of yourself, and fulfill your higher vision. Whether you are deep on your path of self mastery, hero’s journey, or simply committing to a new level of personal or professional development – I can support you in getting clear,  activated, and aligned from the soul level outward to manifest your highest potential.

I have two main offerings presently available : Soul-Fire Coaching® is a deep dive into Self-Mastery and expansion with a minimum 3 month commitment. Violet Alchemy® sessions are single sessions that initiate powerful shifts, support and resolution to core issues and patterns.  Read more about them below to help you discern which service would best serve your goals & availability.


SOUL-FIRE® Coaching System

1 on 1 Personalized Program

Integrative Spirituality and Self-Mastery • High Impact Coaching • Multi-Dimensional Healing • Holistic Lifestyle Expertise • Business Development

Your Soul -Fire is the Key to Self-Mastery & Success

The journey of authentic transformation does not happen in a vacuum. It takes commitment, consistency and the courage to be vulnerable. I have found through my own process that the presence of consistent high quality support is the most fundamental agent in transitioning one’s life and current reality toward our desired dreams & goals.

Get ready for breakthroughs.

Experience an unparalleled container of support, participate in a tangible process of evolution and embody your SOUL FIRE.




The Key to Unlock Self Mastery

Your relationship to self and others, your purpose, self-care, your business and spirituality are all extensions of your consciousness. Everyone is unique in terms of what sets of challenges and gifts have been given to them. The bottom line is, we all have blind spots and we all need support. Self mastery is not about being perfect but actively participating in a process that allows you to embody your highest potential.

The Key Connection

One of the unique keys to this work is helping one establish a visceral connection between their sub-conscious mind and their higher self.  To develop a high quality relationship between these two aspects of self opens a pathway for the soul to become the primary choice maker in your life, allowing you to maintain empowered decisions that move you forward.

Your Unique Success Formula

By exploring your goals and challenges,  we co-create a responsive program that activates the process of expanding your gifts and mastering any challenges in any or all areas of your life. In this process we work from the soul-level outwards to effectively refine what’s working, and resolve what’s not.

Results-Based System

Our journey together assists you in grounding your higher vision into tangible steps, expanding and deepening your connection to soul fulfillment on all levels as you build your new life. Engage life fully, creating a dynamic of continual discovery, growth and inspiration. With full clarity of the bigger vision of your desired life, I can help you get from A to Z.

Integrative spirituality means all of YOU.

It doesn’t compartmentalize spirit from the rest of your life. Once you’re fully engaged in the profound process of self-mastery, the refinement of all facets of your consciousness, you’re on the path to Limitlessness. Obstacles won’t pull you out of balance; instead you will perceive and utilize all feedback from the Universe as fuel to empower you and your mission.


“Alokananda is a deep reservoir of insight and compassion. He has a profound gift of providing practical wisdom that cuts to the core of what one needs for growth; whilst remaining tender, heart centered and present. Applying his poignant and succinct advice has delivered big returns for my life, my business and my purpose on a soul level in ways that are priceless.” – Will Kleidon, President and CEO of Ojai Eneregtics PBC

Here’s How it Works:



Fill out the questionnaire and submit. I’ll then determine if we’re a good fit to work together and tune into what your process looks like.


Let’s Talk

We’ll get on a complimentary call or Skype and discuss the possibilities in working together. You’ll be provided a safe, discreet and inspiring container to share your deepest desires & greater goals.


Crafting Your 
Unique Pogram

All programs are uniquely designed to be responsive with your life and personalized to meet your specific needs and goals.

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By choosing ‘Apply Now’ you’re not committing to anything other than filling out a Soul-Fire® questionnaire and being open to receive a free consultation with me to see if we are a good fit to work together.



VIOLET Alchemy Healing®

One-Time Session

VA was created specifically for this unique cycle of transformation that the planet and humanity is passing through, known as the Ascension.

The most powerful distance soul-healing modality on the Planet

Violet-Alchemy is a soul-healing modality which fully addresses the root-causes behind all issues, blockages and patterns. From old contracts, limiting, negative behaviors, beliefs, patterns and more, VA clears and transmutes energy down to the source of its origin. Sessions address your full, holistic nature, helping you transition out of anything that’s holding you back from your highest potential and alignment.


Advanced Clearing Process

Through this advanced healing protocol and clear understanding of the energy psychology within the chakra system, clear information is given to map your unique psyche, allowing  the transmutation of energetic blocks and obstacles to your soul’s expansion, evolution and ascension. This resolves deep cellular patterning of core issues carried over from this and other lifetimes, that are limiting one’s growth, clarity, purpose and fulfillment.

Higher Vibrational Support

Working directly with the Ascended Masters, Angels, Federations of Light, and higher guides, I serve as a channel offering completely personalized healing in each session. These clearings and transmissions calibrate your energy field to receive higher vibrational energies, light codes, dispensations, and activations directly from these higher forces of love that over-light our collective and individual ascension process.

Manifest Effortlessly

This powerful healing modality opens you to greater freedom, flow and creative energy. The higher vibrational frequencies offered assist your soul’s connection to source, attuning one directly to their greater potential. Sessions support one in the reclamation of their spiritual gifts and inherent divinity, expanding ones capacity to manifest and experience life with more grace, ease, joy and fulfillment.

Origin and Accreditation of Violet Alchemy Healing®

Violet Alchemy is a unique energy healing modality that is only offered by highly credited, Certified Practicioners.

Violet Alchemy healing® is one of the most integrative, grounded and authentic spiritual lineages and soul healing modalities in the world.  Violet Alchemy was developed over a decade and divinely channeled by Dona Ho Lightsey one of the original apprentices of Steven Thayer of I.E.T (Integrative Energy Therapy), a Spiritual Mumara under master teacher Quala’ and the School of Divine presence. Dona has been a guiding light on my healing path, a spiritual mother, mentor, friend and colleague. I am honored to be offering this potent healing modality to support individuals and the world at this time of great change.


“Alokananda’s Violet Alchemy work is by far some of the most powerful energy and soul retrieval work I’ve ever experienced, always rebooting me and leaving me powerfully connected to my purpose and higher-self.” – Amateo Ra, High Impact Coach, Founder & CEO of High Vibe Tribe

Living Wisdom

Private Retreats
& Immersions

Maui • Sedona • Ojai

Dive Deep with Alokananda in Person

Dive deep with Alokananda in person at your very own, highly attuned, custom retreat, immersion, training or intensive.  Alokananda has a strong personal connection to each of these special locations, bringing individuals, couples or small teams on authentic journeys into these spiritual charged places that support profound healing, reconnection, empowerment and transformation. These retreats are for the highly committed and for those wanting to experience Alokananda’s full gifts with extended presence.


These types of journeys are a complete reset and are deeply supportive for those that are preparing for a major life change, crossing a milestone in career or looking to mend, optimize or strengthen their bond with themselves, a partner or team.

• Nature adventures to sacred vortexes and places of immense beauty
• Private, Personal Ceremonies
• Hands on healing work
• Violet Alchemy Healing®
• Advanced rituals, practices, tools and secret esoteric systems
• Qi Gong, Yoga and Bio-Energetics
• Soul-Fire Coaching® and strategy sessions
• Relationship Counseling for couples
• Conflict resolution, trust building and deepening for teams
+ so much more
All retreats require one month and a half booking in advance. Please fill out this Application and if we’re a good match we’ll get on a call and explore your perfect retreat.

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“If there are what appears to be a delay
in what you want,
that means more shifts need
to take place inside before
you can resonate with another reality.” 
~ Archangel Gabriel